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Infected legs

I have had very red infected legs for 4monthes now been going to nurse regularly. For dressings was old it was cellulitis then was referred to vascular clinic my blood Dow was tested was told I have a ulcerated. Leg was referred back to nurse for a special sorpport bandage to be put on but it did not work it made my leg swell up more nurses are talking about measuring me up for support stockings. Now I mentioned to the nurse will they ever get better she did not really know this is getting me very down now pluse trying hard to loose weight have no motivation to do any exercise has anyone else had simula problems

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I'm sorry you are having a tough time Yorkie.

Did they give you any advice on what you can do at home? or suggest exercises?


Hi Yorkie

I had infected leg ulcers for a long time many years ago

I had to have dressings two/three times a week by a nurse. I also had to have leg stockings.

I would advise you to seek out the nearest tissue viability unit which is usually at the large hospitals and ask them to advise on the best dressing to use.

I have behcets syndrome and I had to change my medication and I found azathioprine cleared up my leg ulcers

Good luck


Thank you Richard for your reply been to nurse today and she has referred me to hospital again to sort out the next best thing


Dear Yorkie- you don't come from Yorkshire, do you?,

Tissue viability is probably, the best way to go- the problem with this referral (I have had friends who have taken this root) is that by the time a referral is made you can already be in a LOT of 'trouble'. Doctors/consultants don't seem to refer patents for a 'suspected' problem- I.e. one that they are not too sure about. Only when they are sure and you are in danger of losing the limb! Maybe I AM exaggerating a bit....but you see were I'm coming from! I hope, and pray, that your appointment with the nurse- has she dealt with you before?- is both helpful and productive.

I send you my very best wishes all our prayers are with you- I'm certain of that.



Thank you for your reply and support I know what you mean every one has their own idear. But don't really know what to do the nurse even said this week she is running out of idears that is why she is referring me to the hospital again it is so frustrating they keep saying fif legs get very red and spread get to hospital straight away very freighting at times I don't come from Yorkshire it is my dogs name



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