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Heavy legs πŸ˜₯

Hello all,

I haven't been feeling very well the last week, I may have over done it by looking after my poorly mum, but my legs really don't feel like my own! I know that sounds odd but I haven't had these unusual sensations before. The only way I can describe it as pins & needles with ice cold numbness. It's like when you've been sat in a strange position & you can't feel your legs for a few seconds. Well I wasn't in the same position sat down I was on my feet, I was trying... to clean this morning, & as I was walking around my flat I felt like I had to pull my legs to walk. I've had immense pain in my left calf but this was completely new. My legs felt warm to begin with & then after 5 mins of walking around slowly I couldn't feel my legs anymore. & I fell, I was on the floor & I still couldn't feel my legs & I was worried, I've had one occasion years ago where I was washing my hair & I couldn't feel my scalp it was like my head went numb.. so strange. But I had pain after in my legs today I think the feeling came back after 5 mins or more. They felt heavy, but I felt so weak & drained. Not sure if it's do to with circulation. Last night my ankles well I didn't have any 😩 & legs were very swollen. But never had a fall from numb legs. If anyone has any advice I'd be most grateful x

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Have you been to the doctors, I only ask as my husband suffered from heavy legs a few years ago and one became slightly more swollen than the other. He was finally diagnosed with high blood pressure and a DVT. So I would get your legs checked out.


Thank you suzym2u, I'm on blood thinners for blood clot. & i called my doctor last week, & they told me to wait to see my consultant but that's 6 weeks away. I'll try my doctors again tomorrow. Thank you for your reply x


Have you also had kidney function blood tests ? Are the doctors checking your kidneys?

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Hi Suzy

I'm not actually sure, the only thing I know is I have a lot of protein in my urine. October 2016 started off with kidney pain, then excruciating agony, first thought I had infection so they gave me 3 different types of antibiotics then assumed a stone, New Year's Eve I passed something I had multiple issues after that but they said I should wait it out took 3 months at home screaming. I bled for a week. 3 hospital visits 1 scan. Hasn't been the same since. I'll

Make an enquiry about my kidney function. X


What form of vasculitis do you have Laura? Because the causes of this can sometimes be associated with vasculitis directly, depending on the type.

For example people with cerebral (brain) vasculitis can often get limbs feeling very peculiar. It can be similar to people with multiple sclerosis. I've written about it before here at


But Susan's advice is very good in any case. 6 weeks away is too long for you to wait, especially if there's any chance it could be a blood clot. So get the medics onto it now.

Good luck!


Hey Vivdunstan, I'm not sure just yet as I am waiting for diagnostic tests for GPA. That's what the rheumatologist thinks I have, I'm on blood thinners for a clot I had a month ago. I also had a suspected TIA around 3 weeks ago. I will have a read & thank you for taking the time to read my post & comment. I've had a 7 year battle on and off. & the last few months I've finally been acknowledged!


I've just read the link ! The wrong feeling fits perfectly with my odd! You explained my leg horror to a t! & planks of wood is most right. I'm sorry to hear that you have had & are going through this. I wish I had a magic wand! I hope I get to see the rheumatologist earlier as 7 years is a long time with relapses. & no outcome, when I think back I've taken only paracetamol over the years to try & cure this & multiple antibiotics, I'm now antibiotic resistant. The last 2 months I've seen a few great doctors at the hospital. & it seems the wait was worth it, but not any better, & new symptoms with my legs is just exhaustive. Oops sorry I'm babbling x


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