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Painful/swollen leg

I have WG/GPA and take plaquenil.

I get pain in my left hip which was severe a few months ago so I went to the GP who suggested a cortisone injection but my hip was improving so I never had this done. I have been getting cramp like pains in my legs, mainly my left calf but also my right, also in my feet.

Over the past few weeks I have got pain in the top of my left foot.

Last evening I had severe pain in my left hip, could hardly weight bear due to pain in my leg and foot/ankle, I took some paracetemol and went to bed. When I got upstairs I noticed that my left ankle was very swollen on the left side so I raised it and tried to get comfortable.

This morning my left ankle is still swollen, my left calf is painful, a dull persistant pain, and is also slightly swollen and my knee is also painful, so I went to the GP who says my capilliary refill is good and my foot has a good pulse. She suspects a rare form of arthritis and will do blood tests. She has ruled out DVT. I was advised that if my leg gets red or very swollen to ring the surgery. I told her I have vasculitis and asked about claudication but she doesn't think it is that as I have good refill/pulse.

She said to raise my leg when resting, but to keep moving as much as possible and do what I can.

She has told me to restart the naprosyn and ranitidine which I had been weaned off of and only take when my symptoms flare.

Has anyone else suffered anything like this?

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Hi, my daughter and my mom had DVT's with the symptoms you have. Did the doctor do an ultrasound of your leg to rule out DVT? If not go to emergency room right away. And have them do this. Good luck to you! I will say a prayer for a speedy recovery.



Thanks for your reply and the prayer Gillian - appreciated.

Second opinion concurs that it isn't DVT. My left foot is still swollen but the calf isn't but my left ankle is now very swollen as well. The naprosyn has definitely helped with the pain levels and I am much more comfortable and mobile.

The thought is that I am having a flare, probably not helped by the hot weather. Bloods being taken tomorrow to check CRP etc. etc. and meds will be reviewed once the results are in.


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