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Low red blood cell counts

Many thanks to all of you that replied to my post re. Low red blood cell counts. From the majority of replies it would seem that it is the vasculitis that causes such low readings and in some cases in the leucocytes (white blood cells) also. By and large, treatment with folic acid and iron seems to be the norm in most cases and a diet rich in these such as dark green vegetables and red meat including offal can and does help in producing red blood cells.

In some cases it is the medication that is prescribed such as the immunosuppressants which can cause a fall in the red blood cell count.

In my case my mean blood cell count averages about 82% of normal while all other parts of the blood are satisfactorily well within their normal range. My consultant does not consider that there is much to worry about and I think it may be as a result of taking 4g.of Mycophenolate motefil daily which is the cause.

My diet and appetite are very good with a broad range of fruit and vegetables, cereals including bread, meat and dairy products. No fast foods!

While my energy levels are pretty good prolonged effort or exercise does lead to some fatigue but a short rest generally brings that back to order. So, I think that that is another indicator that it is the medicine and not the vasculitis which has lowered the red blood cell count. Subsequently I hope that once we reduce the dosage ( in increments) we should start to see an increase both in haemoglobin and mean red blood cell count. And less fatigue.

Many thanks again for all your replies and I wish you all well in your journey in beating this disease.

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Dear Albasain,

I'm relieved that your blood count, is not too low, and that your doctor thinks that it is 'controllable'. I too am on MMF (MFM) but have not, so far anyway, suffered unduly low blood counts.

I hope that you remain 'well' (as well as..), in the future.

Very best wishes AndrewT


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