Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) or a flare up of my vasculitis/connective tissue disease?

It has recently been suggested by my chiropractor and my orthopaedic surgeon that I may have PMR. I am having an ultrasound to rule out any shoulder injuries. My ESR although still borderline but has gone up from a very low base of 3. My platelets are raised, which is suggestive of inflammation. I have had my CRP done today. I have not made an appointment to see my GP yet and am not due to see the rheumatologist until the end of June. How can I tell if this is just a minor flare or PMR? The shoulder pain is suggestive of PMR but the general aches and pains are fairly typical of a minor flare? I am really reluctant to increase my steroids again as the side effects make my life miserable but clearly I might not have a choice. I would be grateful if anyone can help?

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  • A dose of 15mg/day pred should reduce PMR symptoms dramatically - and that is the nearest to a confirmation is it possible to get at present. The diagnosis is made on the basis of symptoms plus ESR/CRP and response to a moderate dose of pred.

    The option is pain from PMR or the side effects of pred which is preferable?

  • Thank you for that. It is a case of being between a rock and a hard place? I suppose my first step is to establish the diagnosis of PMR as opposed to a flare up. I have emailed my GP and will be guided by what he says.


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