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Sign up to participate in Genetic Alliance UK's new project, My Condition, My DNA

The aim of our project is to find out what patients and families think about genomic sequencing. This will involve exploring the ethical, societal and practical issues raised by the NHS using genomic sequencing to collect large amounts of an individual's genetic information with the view to improving healthcare.

As the ease of genomic sequencing and its potential uses becomes greater, people working in the NHS and other healthcare providers will be thinking about these issues and making decisions. We're hoping to bring the perspective of patients into the decision-making process by getting them to take part in a series of engagement activities that they can take part in online from the comfort of their own homes. Following this, we hope to collate patients' views and present them in the form of a 'Patient and Family Charter' which will be disseminated to policy-makers.

Read the flyer below or for more information, contact Alice Hazelton on 020 7704 3141.


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