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York Support Group Meeting

Great support group meeting today in York. Nice to catch up with some familiar faces :)

Excellent talk by Dr Yusof from Chapel Allerton in Leeds. They're doing very interesting research into the process for maintaining remission in ANCA vasculitis using Rituximab. But also, as part of this research, they've discovered what they believe to be a potential biomarker that will guide them to retreat as soon as possible before a relapse occurs.

I'll try to summarise his talk and post again later with some more details.

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Looking forward to hearing Richard sound interesting


So very interesting and very well presented by Dr Yosef, I learn't more about Rituximab yesterday than I have ever done before. The conclusions from the research project were also very interesting. I talked to a young person who was at the meeting and she had received Rituximab recently, it was very interesting to see what they thought about the research. I believe Richard will be writing a report later for the Autumn newsletter, I also believe Dr Yusof's research paper maybe published very soon, when it is completed, but Richard and John will probably know more about this than me.



look forward to hearing more


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