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I was diagnosed as having Churg Strauss last July (2013) and am just getting to grips with treatment of 3g of mycophenolate per day.

Do others find that taking a hot bath is beneficial? I get in the bath as I'm running it so that I can get it hotter without the initial shock of the hot water. It's a bit painful to start with, but feels better with less pins and needles after a while and when I get out.

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Absolutely! It makes such a difference before getting into bed - I have even bought a foot spa bath and that's wonderful too - seems to cut down the need for painkillers. Also have CSS since December and feet are a nightmare, even though they are coming back to life very very slowly. Sandra


Yes I consulted a natural path (however it is spelt) part of her regime for me was a daily hot bath or at least the feet in hot water daily with 1 and 1/2 cups of Celtic salt , ancient magnesium salts and something similar to radox . The purpose was to detox the body of all sorts of toxins . Since taking on the regime I no longer spend 1 week in hospital every second month having kidney stones removed I mean 20 visits stopped last April she also said my body had high inflamation anyway 3 months later I was hit with a bout of pneumonia and after 1 month in Australia's premier hospital they worked out I had inflamation and then churg strauss , other people I know can repeat similar stories particularly with cancer , and heart complaints , when they stop the bath one fellow his PSI for prostate cancer doubled , to me the evidence is overwhelming , there is a lot more I can say , I am going to see again in 2 weeks first time since April 2013 as the first 7 months of the CSS has had me in hospital more than 50% of the time . I now swear by the bath so does my wife who is quite healthy , but when she stops the baths she does not feel as on top of things , the stones 20 visits then none , I can give you 4 other stories like that and the doctors were shocked in each case particarly wally who had a massive build up of plaque in his heart 3 months it was gone it at best under medication and diet take 5 years , he had 1 to 2 years to live now he is the hit by a bus category quote from heart specialist , the how and why I do not know but I know what I know and what outcome I prefer


I have been prescribed Pregabaline to ease the discomfort of the pins and needles effect. With my maintenance drug I take one capsule in the morning and two before bed. However my Consultant said I could take up to nine Pregabaline tablets (only as prescribed) depending on the severity of discomfort. I always have the pins/needles feeling, the Pregabaline just calms it down but it can take a while, which often depends on my activity level on any one day. As a matter of interest, prior to the first time I relapsed which was after 21 months, I'd noticed that that standing for any length of time became progressively more tiring. Following this my bloods were fine at the next scheduled check at hospital. I then tended to sit down for longer periods which resulted in my feet swelling. Furthermore I noticed that the pins/needles discomfort had almost disappeared, which to me seemed to indicate that I was on the mend and thought nothing more of it. Not so, my next blood check revealed I had relapsed so had to go though the whole chemo/steroid process again. Now, in my mind, having the constant feeling of pins/needles indicates that I'm okay. It seems vasculitis is an unpredictable illness.


I find that a hot bath was the only thing that would soothe pain before I was diagnosed and now I'm on 9 mg prednisolone and 2.5g mycophenolate and a hot bath is still very helpful.


Dear jaydub,

I don't have your condition- makes a change NOT to have a condition! I do however have, or am 'borderline' for, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and find a hot bath or long shower, very helpful- during an 'attack'.

I send you my best wishes and hope you remain well (some joke!)



Hi jaydub,

I love the luxury of a hot bath and when I do have one I pop into the running water a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and relax with a good book & glass of wine till my skin gets more wrinkled than it is ...but I feel renewed after and my joints feel less painful!!


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