I have just sent out an e-News to everyone in the e-News address book. The e-News is full of lots of interesting things, including the link to read more about the NICE appraisal and acceptance of Rituximab for the treatment of the two main ANCA Associated Vasculitis disease - GPA (Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, aka Wegener's) and MPA (Microscopic Polyangiitis).

If you haven't seen it there is a link to a really indepth French website (in English, of course) which is devoted to Cortisone (steroids). If it isn't on this website it probably isn't worth knowing about.

Just let me know if you are on the list and haven't received your copy I can send you one -

Please check your spam first and possibly old e-mail addresses if you haven't used them for a while.

If you aren't on the list let me know and I will gladly add you. Please use the e-mail address above. Many thanks.

PatriciaAnn - e-News Editor

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  • Please could you add me to the list, many thanks

  • Hi Simmonds797. Yep, I can, but can you let me have your e-mail address please? Send it to:


  • Hi can you also add me please. I will email you my email. Many thanks x

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