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Hi all, I wonder if anyone can tell me who would be our nearest Vasculitis Specialist for Microscopic Polyangiitis in the Dundee area please? At present my Mum sees a Renal specialist who we have no complaints about but I think it might be valuable for her to see a Vasculitis Specialist?? Also how would we go about organising this - would we have to request it privately or could we request it through GP? Sorry for all the questions and thank you in anticipation of all the answers. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and information received earlier in the year from the people on this forum and I have it all noted to take with us next Tuusday (8th) when we see Mum's Consultant again! 😀🙄😀

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  • Hi Sandra,

    If you give me an e mail on then I can come up with some names for you.

    You can request a referral from your GP or ask your Mum's renal Consultant if he would consider referring you and sharing care, sometimes 2 heads are better than one!

  • Thank you for all the info; I will let you know how we do on Tuesday.

  • Will keep my fingers crossed that it's a good appt Sandra.

  • Dear Sandra,

    Have you left a message for John, or Susan, (Mills)? It might be worth a try-they DO seem the font of all 'things' Vasculitis/auto-immune.

    You can contact them at ''. You can mention my name, I intend to make them aware, of your post/question in any event.

    I hope that you find a Specialist, in your area.

    Very best wishes


  • Hi, I received loads of info and help via email from Lynn at Vasculitis UK so I am taking info with us when we see Mum's consultant on Tuesday. Thank you

  • Yes Lynn is very knowledgeable too. Good luck, please do let us know-how 'things' go, will you please Sandra.

  • I have Mpa I am treated at Edinburgh Royal they have a vasculitis specialist unit I think they have been very good and all have been very knowledgable about Vasculitis.

  • Thank you, we see Mum's consultant on Tuesday and I have a list of questions to ask.

  • I am in Dundee too. Wegener s, under the care of Dr. Smith in respiratory and Dr. Lafferty, renal.

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