Vasculitis Talk - RD&E, Exeter

Early notification of a talk on vasculitis to take place at the RD&E, Exeter. Full details are yet to be available but confirmed speakers to date are Dr Lucy Smyth, Renal Consultant and Dr Richard Haigh, Rheumatology Consultant, vasculitis consultants at the RD&E. If you would like to attend please let me know as security requires attendees to be signed in. Thanks and more details to follow. Charlotte Stoner

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  • Wish we lived nearer but good luck. It sounds great.

  • Dr Smyth treated my Mum, one of the excellent consultancy at the R D & E.

  • My Mum and myself would like to attend if this talk is aimed at patients

  • Hi, yes it is specifically for we patients so should be good. Can you give me your names and I'll put you on the list. I'll also be posting more details on here nearer the time. Charlotte

  • Hi, e-mail already sent, please let me know you received it? Thanks, Paul.

  • Do you have any idea when it might be Devon Lottie?

  • Oops! Thursday 9th Feb, 6.30. I'll repost!

  • I would like to attend please,,, Johanna OHara

  • Hi johanna, I'll add you to my list. Am I right in thinking you have PAN?

  • Thank you I would to attend with my husband

  • Can you let me know your names so I can add you to my list? Also, would you mind telling me what sort of vasculitis you have? Thanks Charlotte

  • Hi yeah sorry I'm Shirley and my husband is called Tony. I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago next month at R D &E I asked my consultant and she said anca negative with kidney involvement

  • Thanks shirley

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