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really bad day today went for routine blood tests and my bp was up to 189 over 123. The eye infirmary sent me to the Sunderland infirmary

we spent the day with me taking medication and waiting for my BP to go down eventually being sent home with three lots of pills for the BP. they think the vasculitis is in my kidneys so any help and info would be good before my appointment on Tuesday.

They took bloods and tested my urine and I have protein and blood in it.

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If you have vasculitis (or anything else) affecting your kidneys it is likely that it would cause raised blood pressure. Have you been given a diagnosis of vasculitis - in which case what type??

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I have vasculitis in both eyes but they are investigating where else I have it as its not usually in jst the eyes. The good thing about yesterday is that I am now in the care of the medics which I have been trying to get for 9 months.


That's good Mollie. I can probably tell you much more but I need to know a lot more! There are 18 different types of vasculitis. If you want to talk more about it please send me a private message or email direct I don't too discuss what should be confidential information on the open page. All the best. John


thanks I will get in touch by email after my appointment next week as hopefully will get a little more info then


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