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Had my latest clinic visit on Friday. I asked about taking vitamin pills ( I seem to remember someone was asking about this a few weeks ago). I used to take a daily multi-vitamin and I've now been told I can take it again. I also asked about the flu jab, since I've heard it's not so effective when on Rituximab. I've been advised to still have it. I hope it will still be ok on Tuesday, as I now have a cold. I've now been told I can reduce my 5mg daily Pred by 1mg per month. I just have to wait for GP to come up with the 1mg tablets!

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I was interested to read you can now take vitamin pills - I will ask the same question when I go to Ipswich Hospital in mid-November!

Pleased you can reduce your steroids - all good news!


It will be interesting to see if Ipswich come up with the same answer as Addenbrooke's. However, it may depend on each individual.

I'm still a little concerned about the flu jab tomorrow, as my cold is not much better. I'm still waiting for the new tablets, but should get them tomorrow.


Hope I'm over the worst of my cold. Had flu jab today, so fingers crossed I'll be ok. Also collected 1mg Pred tablets, so can start reducing them now.


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