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Next problem...high blood pressure!

Two weeks ago I had new ultrasound scans on my arms and neck, and my blood pressure was measured using Doppler? rather than the usual machines. Upper values on my arms were 117 and 124 - much the same as usual and the values that the clinic has been using. Upper values from my ankles were 200! I had been asking questions about my true blood pressure; after all I had nothing measurable in my arms a year ago. With severe scarring and inflammation in my subclavian arteries, and no pulses in my wrists it seemed unlikely that the values were correct? But 200! I was really spooked. At the clinic yesterday the estimated top value was put at about 180, and I was prescribed more pills. Has anyone else had a similar problem - and how did it go after starting the pills?

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Where do you go for treating your TAK Bronte M ?


Addenbrookes. I'm a bit surprised that this has only just come along! I saw a new doctor in July who was asking very different questions, and sent me for a new CT scan and ultrasound.

So now on BP pills, and a bit nervous. It sounds silly, but the only bits of me that havn't been changed by this illness are my feet and ankles, and I am really dreading thick ankles. No more pedicures, which have been a real boost!


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