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I have an appointment at Pinderfields Heamatolgy department on Friday 5th July because blood tests show evidence of protein in my bloods - though not in my urine. A diagnosis of vascullitis has already been made after a skin biopsy.

What does Haematolgy do? There is no named person - only an appointment time for the department. I don't know what to expect at this appointment so can someone please explain.

Thank you

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Haematologists are basically blood doctors. They specialise in the study of blood related diseases.

I imagine you have been referred to them to check that the raised level of protein in your blood is nothing to worry about above and beyond the Vasculitis.

I expect they will check out all your symptoms in the context of the Vasculitis and most likely get you to provide even more blood samples for futher testing. They may also prescribe drugs for you if they feel it necessary.

Vasculitis can cause so many different sorts of problems that we often have to see doctors from a number of different disciplines. As long as they are all aware of the underlying Vasculitis problem and talk to each other you should have no problems.

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Haematology is simply the study of blood. I suspect you'll simply have samples taken for further analysis but may well be seen by a specialist. If I were you I'd ring the department and ask exactly what will be happening, what specific tests they are likely to carry out and who you will be seeing.

Healthy wishes.



Thanks to both of you - and I will telephone this week. I was diagnosed because a dermatologist took a biopsy, thinking I had bullous phemigoid (sp?). I don't yet know what type of vasculitis I have... I have other conditions - Fibro, angina, arthritis etc. Usually if anything is wrong with me the diagnosis is "It's probably Fibro...". It's definitely a medical week this week... Monday to the GP for a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, Tuesday GP and Friday Haematology...


Spoke to the haematology secretary today... very helpful and friendly. I will be seeing the consultant and he will talk me through what has been found so far. I'm taking in my latest blood tests from my GP which show slight changes re my liver and kidneys. I'm also printing off my experiences of the last two 'episodes' of spots.

This week has produced one spot and one blister which I know is very minor but... Also I'll take photos of a couple of previous 'episodes' with me.

He'll need to know my previous medical history so that will be typed out too. My medication list is already printed out.

There is a reason for my seemingly organised way of working. I have Fibromyalgia and I tend to get 'fibro fog' as soon as I walk into hospital consulting rooms...


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