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Breast lump

My partner was diagnosed with Vasculitis in Sept 2011, a day before he had resp failure and spent 3 mths in ICU on a ventilator after pulmonary hemmorhage. Recently we've been told he has WG anca neg. He's doing really well on 30mg pred reducing to 25mg and 50mg aza increasing to 100 next week. Yesterday, he discovered a painful hard lump behind one of his nipples. It's a little alarming but was wondering if any other WG sufferer's have experienced this, or could it be due to medication??

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Hi Louise

With WG and the medication anything is possible. I haven't heard or read of this happening before, but you mustn't let it go. We are often confused as to whether anything new is due to the vasculitis/medication or whether it is one of those things. Makes no difference what is causing it, it needs checking out. If nothing else, get your GP to have a look at it. Better safe than sorry.



I agree with Patricia, any lumps in the breast should be checked out just for peace of mind.

Susan x