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Free prescription???

An interesting Update.

I was reading of the xemption certificate for prescription and I remember I ticked cancer and other. I asked the receptionist at the GP and she said that the Dr had crossed cancer and wrote my diagnosis.

So I read the part about the cancer part in detail on the guidance note for GP's when they sign these forms and it specifically said that it was not an exhaustive list and that it was how they understood it to be. It also said that the effects of cancer treatment (past or present) and side effects of it are included. So my answer/reaction to that statement means we having vasculitis should get prescriptions free basedon the fact that we have all most likely been on cyclophosomide at one point - which is a form of chemotherapy. Furthermore we will be taking medicine to substitute the cyclophosomide once we finish sessions. I know mycophenolate is one that is used for cancer patients....and vasculitis is an immune disease. We are all on some form of immune suppressant and it's treated similar to cancer/aids (as I've been told)

Given the above.....surely this defines vasculitis patients as being eligible for free prescriptions???

I may make another application this tIme asking my consultant to complete last time I asked he said ask my GP. going to ask him again.

Best regards

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Dear rrahman,

I Do have free prescriptions, and have had since falling ill, sixteen years ago. The original consultant was quite vehement that this should be the case. I just applied originally and then again when the exempt form 'ran out'. I also get an HC2 form, every year; entitles me to free dental care, and the like. Pick up an HC1, at the doctors, or dentist.

I hope the above is of some help to you, please contact me, us all, again for further information.

Best wishes



It would interesting to know how you get on. You're right we have nearly all been on some form of chemo and then immune suppression drugs. Good luck


Hi. Thanks for your response. Got a letter from nhs today with a little my exemption certificate which lasts for 5 years and will need to be renewed again nearer the time. Great stuff!! Now I just need to try and understand if it applies for I saw my and he said it needs to be tested for pressure as my vasculitis symptoms first started with inflammation of my eye vessels . And I'm short sighted and need glasses/lenses too.

Everything costs and it's ridiculous how this government works....I don't want every welfare benefits there is. Just the one I genuinely I need...and seems you can get everything if you have just one.... and the one you want you cant get because the one you need you need to want ! What a joke.

...someone commented that they had the exemption certificate and also has an hc2 which counts dental and optical too. So will look into this.

Good luck



I have just applied your comments make interesting reading i may ring gps tomorrow to say about having had chemo etc see if that moves it along


Some interesting comments. I've come across one young man who was told he had to pay? Maybe raise this question with your MP and the MInister for Health?


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