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Disabled persons railcard or 0845 605 0525. Saw this in my mam's Saga magazine today. If you are hearing impaired (which I am through my WG) , you can buy one for £20 per year and get a third off most rail networks for you and a companion.

Only problem on it is that you need a Social Service stamp to prove you are deaf and I haven't got a clue where to get one!

If you have hearing loss due to WG , can you register as disabled?? You'd think I'd know about this as I have had WG for 13 yrs but I haven't even thought about before!!!

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I have single sided deafness but at the moment I havent had it corrected as I couldnt bring myself to have a baha and dont think other options available through the NHS woould bring enough of a benefit. But following forum advice I registered as deaf with my local social services.

I dont know if that is enough to be able to get a pass. Other things I have read suggest that you need proof of getting hearing aid batteries. But I dont get them at the moment so I dont know if I would qualify.


I wear bilateral hearing aids and have NHS digital inner ear aids, so receive batteries etc for free. The Rail form asks for a photocopy of your NHS book and a Social service stamp.

I think you would have to supply them with a copy of your book.


Hi , it is my understanding that if you receive certain benefits, one of the qualifying benefits is DLA you can apply for a disabled rail card. That was how I qualified . Hope this helps.


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