Hi, Just a quickie question, My muffled ears are worse?

and my urine test shows PH8, no glucose,Ketones 0, nitrate 0, Protein1+30(0.3). blood2+1 (ca.25) ketones 0, Luekocytes 2+(ca.75), Protein1+30(0.3). blood2+1 (ca.25) am I in a flare? am I in a flare? Due to be seen 10/01/12. I really thought this treatment would work (Cell-Cept) Just feel unwell, shivery fluey etc. x

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  • Sorry you're feeling unwell Shiela but as you're aware biood markers are neither definitive or reliable. The two tests which tend to be considered more indicative of disease activity are C-ANCA or P-ANCA and CRP. Have you had these tests done? I'd always advise you have them imcluded but even then the best indicator as to how you are is how you feel.

    Healthy wishes.

  • my advice for what its worth is go see your g.p.,drop in center or whatever you use in emergencies get some antibiotics, reminding them about immune system, and settle down with hot lemon drinks until your appointment on the 10 th.it sounds to me like an infection,flu, or a bad cold georgia

  • Thanks Martin and Georgia, I do now think it is a build of fluid as I've gone deaf in my right .ear. Yes I do have a raised C-Anca. Martin if I need to have a T tube in does it require a general anaesthetic?

  • I've had more T tubes than I can count. Right up until the last one I had had a GA. Easy but very disruptive. My ear surgeon (who is fantastic) suggested he would fit me in for a tube under LOCAL anaesthetic. He told me it involved just 3 injections in the ear and was very quick. I nearly died on the spot. I was dreading it. When he actually did it we were still chatting to each other. I have had less comfortable trips to the dentist. If you do need a T tube this is the very best way. Good luck ..... you will be amazed!

  • how are you today?your raised c-anca would seem to point to your wegeners not being fully under control,before you go for your appointment i would suggest making a list of all the points you want to raise, as usually we forget something important, well i do. good luck georgia

  • Hi Georgia, the C-Anca has always been raised but I do seem to be in a bit of a flare as nose very sore/crusty/ green snot, and both ears now affected hardly slept last night due to discomfort (tho' not pain) and the swooshing sensation very discombobulating! Also thought the posterior scleritis was rearing it's ugly head as back of eye started hurting so took tramadol and ibuprofen. However I'm seeing Consultant tomorrow morning. Gawd I am a 'moaning minnie' !! But you are right I must make a list...I always forget things...all this medication has turned my brain to mush!!! As the day has progressed I seem to be able to hear a bit better but still dizzy ...well I am blond !! Thanks, Sheila

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