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Anyone know a decent Endocrinologist in the Leicester area?

I have had an underactive thyroid for nearly 20 years now, in that time gained 6 stone and now feel extremely tired and joints are really aching. Currently taking 250 mcg Levothyroxine. Fed up and would like to see someone who can really help me, any suggestions please?

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If you click on the hospital section at the top of this page and put your location in the appropriate box then anyone from this site who has visited that hosp or location will hopefully have left a comment.

Have you had all your vitamins checked out? and do you keep your meds well away from food, drink and any other meds or suppliements. At what time of day do you take your meds and have you tried changing this? If its no to any of the above I would look into these before instisting that my GP sent me to see an endo. If you go down the endo route then please do your homework first and dont leave it in the hands of your GP. Go to him with the name of the endo of your choice which will give you the best possible chance.

Hope this has helped

Moggie x


Hi Rosie

It does sound like you have hypo symptoms and it may be due to the fact that you are undertreated. If you get a print-out of your latest thyroid gland blood test results and post here someone will comment. Please also put the ranges of your blood tests (figures in brackets)

If you haven't already had a blood test for :- Vit B12, VitD, iron, ferritin and folate as they are most important.


If you are accessible to either Derby or Nottingham, Dr Hisham Maksoud runs private clinics at the Park Hospital Nottingham and the Nuffield Hospital Derby. I rate him highly.


I can tell you one to avoid, he is not worth the anguish, unless you look like a computer screen, then he'll love you. I've Pm' d who to avoid.

As for your achy joints, I can give you my orthopedic specialists name, who is the first one to mention thyroid causing the muscles and joint ache.

Sent you a PM.


Hi Ravenhex

Can you PM whom to avoid in Leicester too, please ?

E xx


Can you tell me which one to avoid too ?


I have aching joints and muscles my serum creatine kinase is 764 range is upto 120 am waiting for an appointment to see an endo at warrington hospital


I also need to know who to avoid in the Leicester area as I'm about to make an appointment with one picked out via the computer!


We are looking for a good endo in Leicestershire too. Please can anyone make any recommendations. Thank you.


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