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Blue Horizon Results

Blue Horizon Results

Hi you helpful people,

I have been hypothyroid for 23 years and have been taking 100mcg levothyroxine daily. Last year I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency which i now manage with injections. Recently, I have felt very anxious, hungry and also losing weight. Blue Horizon thyroid tests say I am borderline hyperactive now but my resting pulse is only 52 bpm. I think I might be having a Hashi flare. The anxiety is now calming and i'm not so hungry. What does anyone think?


total t4 118 (59-154 nmol/L)

TSH 0.22 (0.27-4.2 miu/L)

free thyroxine 22.8 (12-22 pmol/l)

free t3 4.3 (3.1-6.8 pmol/L)

thyroglobulin antibody 18.3 (0-115i/u/ml)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 93 (0-34 iu/ML)

I'm currently exhausted by around 4pm and have been sleeping for 10-11 hours per night. I take all the necessary vitamins. Thanks for your help.

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Hi there, consider having your adrenals checked out, low adrenal function can negatively impact on your thyroid.


Thanks Cassie, i'll look into that


Seems to me your problem is not a Hashi's flare - nothing in those labs to suggest that - but poor conversion. Your FT4 is over-range, and your FT3 is below mid-range. And, the higher your FT4 goes, the worse your conversion will become. What is needed is a reduction in your levo, and the addition of a little T3.

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Thanks for your reply

I'm not sure where to access t3 or how much to take. My doctor won't even test for it, hence the Blue Horizon results. My last set of test results from the GP last July 2017 were as follows:

TSH 0.38 (0.3-5)

Free t4 13.4 (7.9-16)

That's why i thought it might be a Hashi flare - only learnt about this about two weeks ago from your wonderful website. However, I seem to have converstion and absorbtion problems all round.

Any further advice would be really helpful, thanks :-)


Well, your FT4 has gone up amazingly, but your FT3 is still low. If it were a Hashi's flare, they both would have gone up.

I don't think you have absorption problems with an FT4 that high. You seem to be absorbing very well. But, not converting the levo (T4) to T3.

If you post a new question asking where you can buy T3 without prescription, people will PM you their trusted sources. As to how to take it, that is not difficult. It's like all hormones - start low and increase slowly. So, start with a quarter tablet, and increase by a quarter every two weeks, until you're taking one whole tablet. Then, hold for six weeks and retest. :)

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Thanks very much, that makes sense, although it was the least favoured result for me as it's likely to cost. It will be nice to feel human again though :-)


You're welcome. :)


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