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Optimal Ferritin Levels and cortisol


Just a quick one

What should we aim for re optimal ferritin levels, mine is 24 ugl which was in a range of (10-204) this seems a rather large range to me.

Also, I had a cortisol test which was taken about 10.15 am and came out at 475, I can find info on how cortisol alters through the day, but nothing on healthy levels, and no range was provided with blood test result.

Thank you :-)

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Ferritin really needs to be above 70-90 for most women to feel well and above 12-ish for men. There was recent research that showed that non-anaemic women, with ferritin levels below 50, often benefit from taking iron supplements. It looks like you could benefit too as your ferritin is rather low within the range which is very large, as you say!

As for cortisol, it is difficult to know without reference ranges. All that I do know is that it should be at the top of the range first thing in the morning (8am ish), middle of the range in the middle of the day, and bottom of the range at night. I know that's not particularly helpful :(

From what I have read, your cortisol doesn't seem to bad for that time of day. Perhaps it could be a little higher? The best way to work out if you have a cortisol problem is the saliva cortisol test where you take several (4, I think) samples during the day. The variation of cortisol levels throughout the day is important too.

I expect you will start to see some improvement in your well-being once you get your ferritin up. When taking iron supplements, it is a good idea to take with vitamin C. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is important for absorption/storage of iron so it's good to make sure you get plenty of that. It might be wise to take a B vitamin complex and also a separate B12 supplement (as methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin) of 1000mcg a day, unless you know your level is on the low side in which 5000mcg would be more appropriate.

I hope I have been able to help at least a little bit :)

Carolyn x

Carolyn , what should ferritin be for men still between 70 - 90 ?

I believe it should be above 120 but it might be worth doing a search online to make sure.

Thank you Carolyn, that's really helpful, I have recently 're checked blood results that I first thought were normal, but upon researching are not, my b12 was low too and vitamin D . Just wondered what ferritin should be because some places suggest different amounts. Have night ferrous sulphate and b vitamin complex, maybe need stronger b vits than this then. Thanks again :)

Night should read bought lol

hi the problem with this cortisol is that in serum you have free flowing and 'boundup by proteins cortisol' which is no use as it is not useable in your cells and tissue- saliva measure the amount that is useable go to my blog which says take this to yourdoctor when he tels you you are depressed or googl e dr. henry linder/cortisol he written a great lenghty explanation.

Femme1 in reply to bluepettals2

Thank you pettals, its something worth looking into, just want to make sure I am tip top in areas i can fix before starting any treatment :-)

cahisus.co.uk/pdf/THE%20VAL... Figure one shows a normal cortisol curve in a normal person .

purple mummy that is great pdf where did you find that- i have c and p'd it to my home email... i wonder if that professor deals with adults. thnak sfor that i know i had adrenal crisis an dno one wants to diagnose it . hugs

Thanks purple mummy, this is the kind of thing i have been trying to find with no success, very helpful! :-)

Hi purplemummy,

Wish I had that article about 20 years ago, it explains things so clearly. My son was under Great Ormond Street, Institute for Child Health from the age of 10 months with multiple hormonal problems. They were very good at explaining things as research then showed, but things have come on a bit since then, so I have found this article very interesting.

Regards, Janet.

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