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Adcal-D3 & IRON

Can anyone tell me why you should not take both these meds at the same time?

The Adcal-D3 is Calcium 1500mg/400i.u

Only been taking the Iron just over a week which is making me feel much better.

It says on the info sheet that the Adcal-D3 should not be taken at the same time as Iron

(I have been)

Because I take my T3 in divided doses three times a day, my last one being at 3.30pm, and my first at 5.30am

When am I suppose to take these things?

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Hi - this is tricky with the timings because the NHS website says Adcal should be taken at least 4 hours away from iron and as we know calcium and iron should be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds. I believe (but am but am not qualified) that calcium and iron both block absorption. Iron can be difficult to absorb anyway like thyroid meds, so it's a bit of a dilemma when there aren't enough hours in the day as you have already gathered.

You don't say how many times a day you have to take the iron and Adcal so my only thoughts are to say that I have read on here that some people take their thyroid meds sublingualy so they are absorbed under the tongue and therefore bypass the digestive system meaning you don't have to have as long as four hours wait. Not sure if that helps but a thought that others with similar issues might comment on.


Hi -you have all my sympathy on this front -I also take my NDT spaced out with an early morning dose (CT3M). I assume you are taking the iron once per day? If so I would take the iron at 7.30 (evening) & the calcium before gong to bed -but strictly speaking it should be The reason why I would take the calcium at bedtime is that calcium helps with sleep. If you need to get to bed early you are going to have to set an alarm for youself for the 11.30 Adcal dose....

Hope you feel better soon x


Hi, you are right that they both should be taken with food. I have 4 pages of repeat drugs, not counted them. My many cardiac pills, timing have to take priority and the rest I fit in where I can. I have most cardiac pills on waking, then half my armour before breakfast, iron and when able to take Alfacalcidol( D) during breakfast, T3 about an hour later, All iron and high dose Alfacalcidol with the other meals too. Second split armour before ,lunch and Split second T3 evening. None of this is recommended but I have always had bloods for thyroid and D done every few weeks, iron now stable, I could and do see the effect of these drugs on my blood and basically does not harm my the treatment.

I hope this helps, I would suggest you see what the next bloods , thyroid, D and calcium and iron/ferritin say.

Best wishes,



Thank you all for your comments.

I did not realise that the Magnesium I take also prevents absorbtion on T3? So I now have the added dilemma on this one too.

Last night after having a chat with a pharmasist he reccomended I take the Adcal at 8pm the Iron at 11pm.

The T3 only doses are now shifted to 5am-10am-3.30pm

Having to space all my suppliments out during the day now which is something I have never done.


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