NAX v Isocort

I wonder if someone has experience of both. I ordered Isocort after reading STTM. I know it has changed and is now herbal instead of having cortex extract. I started taking it for about 1 week 2+2+1 but didn't feel any change. Had to stop 1 week ago because I had a synachten test 2 days ago, but started yesterday again. I have heard it takes 2-7 days to cme into effect?

ps If the synachten test stimulates cortisol production, should you not feel better afterwards if your adrenals are working OK?


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  • Isocort did nothing for me - tired it for two months, but Nutri-Adrenal (not NAX) and the Nutri-meds equivalent (no longer available in the UK) work well and pretty quickly.

    But I gave my left over Isocort to a friend who thinks it is great - sleeps much better with it.

  • Angel, you have a question from roslin below.

  • Thanks Angle

    Was here a reason you didnt choose NAX


  • I didn't want all the extra stuff in them

  • sorry I meant angel

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