A bit of advice please

Hi all started Thyroid-s about 3 weeks ago started on 1/2 grain but increased to 1 grain didnt feel to good very tired moody and constipated so increased to 11/4 but still didnt feel very good so for last 3 days have taken 11/2 grains but have got mouth full of ulsers feeling low and really tired and crabby what i would like to know have i done it right and how long does it take to feel better not expecting super fast results, anyone had same symptoms ? .


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  • Foxyeyes, usual advice is to start with half a grain and increase by half grain increments every two weeks. You've gone a little faster but if you aren't feeling overstimulated stick with your current dose for two weeks before increasing. What dose Levothyroxine where you taking previously?

    The mouth ulcers may be coincidental unless you're having a reaction to the Thyroid-S. Your pharacist should be able to recommend a remedy and high dose vitamin C may help.

  • Hi Clutter i was taking 75 mgs one day and 100 mgs the next thanks for info on mouth ulcers.


  • Foxyeyes, 1 grain is bioactively equivalent to 75-100mcg Levothyroxine so you are dosing ok. If you need to increase to 2 grains hold that dose for 4 weeks and then have a blood test to check levels before increasing further.

  • Thanks Clutter will do that .


  • In addition to the mouth ulcer issue, this can be caused by a vit b6 deficiency, also a chemical intolerance.

  • Hi Hea72 sorry for late reply not been able to use computer thank you for your reply have increased vit c and used difflam mouthwash which seems to be working .


  • Well done. Funnily enough I started developing an ulcer yesterday. Seems to have gone today thankfully! :-)

  • I find fresh oranges the remedy for ulcers.

  • Hi Treepie sorry for late reply havent been able to use computer thank you for your reply sorry but oranges do not agree with me but have been taking extra vit c and using difflam mouthwash seems to be working not too bad today .


  • The things which have helped my mouth ulcers - I've reduced the size and the numbers but haven't eliminated them - the things which have helped me are fixing my iron-deficiency anaemia aiming to get my ferritin into mid-range (have you had your iron and ferritin levels checked?), high dose Vitamin B Complex, and high-dose vitamin C.

    Be wary of using Corsodyl mouthwash for your ulcers - it stains teeth brown. Difflam mouthwash is worth trying, but it is expensive. I gave up on commercial mouthwashes altogether and just use tap water and salt now, in the proportions of 1 pint of water to two extremely generous teaspoons of salt, then use freely as a mouthwash.

  • Hi Humanbean thanks for reply have got some Difflam i had from doctor forgot about it till you mentioned it levels were okay at last test but am going to increase vit c .


  • I've been trying magnesium ascorbate powder. It's a neutral form of vitamin c, so it shouldn't strip your dental enamel. You can either place a half teaspoon of the powder on your tongue and let your saliva flow (it will - this stuff is tangy!) and gently swill it around before swallowing, or just make a solution with some water and treat as a mouth wash, except that you can swallow it. So far, I've found it very effective.

  • Hi Hillwoman thank you for your reply sorry for late reply not been able to use computer have increased vit c and used difflam mouthwash seems to be doing the trick but will keep this info for future use if needed .


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