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Just had my monitor for sleep apnea test last night as requested by my doctor and was so uncomfortable, don't think I slept much !!

Wonder what this test will show ?

Had a 7 page questionaire to fill in and was very happy to see a question for Thyroid blood test levels which I eagerly filled in my TSH, FT4 and positive Thyroid peroxidase antibodies blood test results.

Fingers crossed they will enlighten my Doctor that alot of my symptoms are from my Thyroid.

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I had a sleep-over test for sleep problems hooked up to about 15 wires all over my head and body. It was horrible and extremely difficult to sleep, I feel your pain there!

In the morning I asked the doctor how long it would take to get the results. She said they'd send a letter to my doctor in....... 2 - 3 MONTHS!

I hope you get your results sooner than me :-)


I had a home kit so had a box type thing strapped on top of my stomach, a band around top of chest, a nasal tube and a thumb monitor which I had to put on myself at 10pm last night and take off when I got up out of bed this morning and return the kit to the hospital before 10am. The nasal tube was so uncomfortable making me want to itch my nose throughout the night and the lead on thumb monitor wasn't long enough for my hand to reach my head or pillow. I normally sleep on my stomach so couldn't do that either as the box was there !!

I think the doctor gets results within 2 weeks.


HI It is a good test to check if you stop breathing, which of course, is dangerous. I had the test after pressing my cardio, All my many docs said as so slim, I could not possibly have it. Worst case they have ever known! I have to wear a CPAP even daytime dozes, and still sometimes choke and stop breathing. Alternative is a permanent tracheotomy. The CPAP is horrible but saves a lot of lives, s if t prescribed it, you just have to put up with it. I have Sjogrens too and that makes it worse. Make sure you have one with an Humidifier as that helps, but as costs more so used sparingly!

Best wishes,


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