New diagnosis hyperthyroidism , question about T4/T3 levels

I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with hyperthyroidism, the gp put me on 20mg Carbizamol whilst I waited to see the specialist. I saw him a couple of days ago, he took new blood tests -my results are

TSH 0.05

FREE T4 30.8

FREE T3 14.5

which apparently are a little less than my original results.

Could someone explain these results at all, I would be extremely grateful.

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  • Hi

    Your TSH is above 0 so that is an improvement but your T4 and T3 are still way too high.

    I am told that ideally your TSH needs to be around 1 and your T4 around 20.

    It will take longer than a few weeks however to stabilise and or feel better and even longer to get a real grip on it. Good luck.

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