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Free T4 levels

Just had blood test. Is this a good result.Free T4 22.0 TSH 1.04

Free T3 4.5. My endo had cut my dose down to a level of 50 mcg 2 days and 75 for 5 days.I told my new doctor,I can't function on this dose.He said go back to what you used to take 75 a day. These are the results. Did take t3 for 3 days 10 mcg.Felt as though it wasn't enough.Then went

Back to 75. Am feeling a lot better.Was getting palpitations,waiting for results of holter monitoring to come back.going to heart specialist on 29.Do feel I wasn't taking enough thyroxine before.

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Well the numbers look ok.. Bit hard to tell without the reference rang. The main thing, is do you feel ok!

Xx g


Ref range free T4 9.0 - 25.0 TSH 0.50 - 5.00. FreeT3 3.5 - 6.5

Apart from angina feel a lot better than I did on previous dose.

Can't see sence in young to Endo. The doctor seems to be more cluey.


Do you have beta blockers for the angina? Levo can cause angina type symptoms .

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Yes Atenolol 25 mg.twice a day.Cant take a lot of blood pressure medication,they all upset me,was on Moxonidine for 6 weeks never got rid of the dizziness.


I was put on what the doc called a homeopathic dose of 1.25 mg daily of Bissoprolol fumarate.Seems to work ok for me.


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