Free T4 levels

Just had blood test. Is this a good result.Free T4 22.0 TSH 1.04

Free T3 4.5. My endo had cut my dose down to a level of 50 mcg 2 days and 75 for 5 days.I told my new doctor,I can't function on this dose.He said go back to what you used to take 75 a day. These are the results. Did take t3 for 3 days 10 mcg.Felt as though it wasn't enough.Then went

Back to 75. Am feeling a lot better.Was getting palpitations,waiting for results of holter monitoring to come back.going to heart specialist on 29.Do feel I wasn't taking enough thyroxine before.

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  • Well the numbers look ok.. Bit hard to tell without the reference rang. The main thing, is do you feel ok!

    Xx g

  • Ref range free T4 9.0 - 25.0 TSH 0.50 - 5.00. FreeT3 3.5 - 6.5

    Apart from angina feel a lot better than I did on previous dose.

    Can't see sence in young to Endo. The doctor seems to be more cluey.

  • Do you have beta blockers for the angina? Levo can cause angina type symptoms .

  • Yes Atenolol 25 mg.twice a day.Cant take a lot of blood pressure medication,they all upset me,was on Moxonidine for 6 weeks never got rid of the dizziness.

  • I was put on what the doc called a homeopathic dose of 1.25 mg daily of Bissoprolol fumarate.Seems to work ok for me.

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