Never Give Up!

I've made my last comment on thyroid things for 2012 in my book Facebook page:

This post is about the attitude/approach to dealing with thyroid problems. I'll post this again in 2013, when I'll put it on other forums. For now it is just here for the STTM-T3 folks. Merry Christmas All!

Best wishes,


p.s. if you can't find it on my book facebook page then find it here:

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  • Paul, "Persistence, taking responsibility for your own health and sheer bloody-minded stubbornness may be the most important aspects in your recovery." I'll second that, that is what it took for me to get back to "normal" after losing 14 years of my life. PR

  • Please keep posting on this and other forums PR - your experience is incredibly valuable to other thyroid patients who are starting their journeys.

  • 'amen'

    I feel 'extremely' lucky that I found this site on diagnosis and was able to 'help myself' and recover so quickly x

  • Thank you Paul for this uplifting post. I will never give up!

    I feel I have turned a corner using T3 and your method. However, I am dogged during the winter months with terrible colds/chest infection. As I write this I have just succumbed to anti-biotics for the current chest infection that just seems to go on and on. This bring me down very low. I had R.A.I. twice in 2003 for thyroid cancer, which has left my immune system weak. Have you an opinion on this?

    Thank you, and a Happy Christmas to you.

  • It may be that your dosing isn't quite high enough yet or that your cortisol or iron aren't quite high enough and that they are holding back the action of thyroid hormone. The lab tests for these are in Chapters 3 and 4 of my book (adrenal saliva test and the full iron panel - all three tests).

    Also you need the full range of supplements to support the various pathways.

    I suspect T3 isn't high enough though as this can leave the immune system a bit weaker if thyroid hormone is low.

    Merry Christmas Margo!

  • Bless you Paul, as ever this makes perfect sense.

    Merry Christmas Paul x

  • Just don't let your doctor(s) hold you back on getting enough thyroid hormone ...... just because of blood test results.

    Take care and I wish you a happy and healthy 2013!

  • Hi Paul, does this mean you have your health back? My gp wont treat T3, we cant even get an appointment untill after new year. Ive just spent over 1 week indoors due a menieres attack. still no appointment. Not life threatening.

    best wishes

  • Had my health back for nearly 20 years. Suggest you read 'Recovering with T3: my journey from hypothyroidism to good health using the T3 thyroid hormone'.

    Please read the book and Janie Bowthorpe's book 'Stop the Thyroid Madness'.

    These two books together really help many patients.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you for your 'never give up' message Paul. At the moment I really believe I have to find my own answer to this but some days I get so tired and so despondent when people look at me as if I'm a looney because I don't agree with my gp. And if I ever mention the information I have found on the internet and on support forums, I feel people think the info is all crackpot ... or am I suffering from paranoia lol. What a terrible illness that so many of the symptoms make it difficult for us to understand and remember and explain ourselves. Thank you for continuing to educate people of your experience now you are well. Keep well, caroline

  • If you haven't already then you may want to read the 'Recovering with T3' book as not only does it shed new light on why T4 and even natural thyroid doesn't always work but it provides good background information on other possible causes for the failure of thyroid hormone to work well (many of these are quite straightforward to remedy).

    Good luck and thanks for your message.


  • Hi Paul yes I've read your book which inspired me to take my health into my own hands and see Dr p last week. Your experience along with other members of this forum has helped so much. Thanks all x

  • Good luck! Hopefully you won't need it.

  • Yes I have had to do this and am very lucky that I am getting my NDT on NHS prescription. The doctor has no experience with dosing/prescribing it so I have had to do as you suggest and take control. I have read lots of books - the most helpful being your book "Recovering with T3" and the "STTM" book as you suggest. The advice that I have received on this forum and the STTM T3 only group re CT3M have been totally amazing :) I was soooo lucky to find this forum on the day I was diagnosed and am now pretty much back to normal :) Thank you again TUK and Paul :) x

  • ..... you are so very welcome!


  • Thanks, Paul.

    Your book, STTM, DrP's and James Wilson's( adrenal) have all helped me hugely - along with the feedback and support from people on this forum. I have ME within which I have problems with adrenals, thyroid, digestion, immune system and more! But I am definitely recovering - it's rather like rebuilding a collapsed house of cards - you have to identify all the problem areas and then try to fix them in roughly the right order!


  • Yes, it is not as simple as popping some thyroid pills is it? It is like building a house - you have to get all the systems and designs working together or is isn't a nice place to live. :)

    Sounds like you are getting there - great work!

    Best wishes,


  • Hello Paul,

    If it's so simply why oh why don't GP's run these tests from the first diagnosis? It would cut out all the misery, marriage AND family breakups you hear so much about, the extra medication prescribed, weight gain, joint, back problems, counselling, higher stress levels, delaying of recovering or at least improvement of health and much much more?!! (No don't answer this - just a rant). ;)

    I have been suggested all sorts of 'self-help' ways of improving my health! Losing faith in my surgery with each appointment.

    I have just requested results from all blood tests taken since diagnosis (18mths) and I was handed 2 pieces of paper which each stated the TSH reading only - which states 'normal.' at 4.2 & 3.7. (I believe a Dr Toft range is 0.3 - 3.0) ish.

    I feel offended that they feel I am so ignorant as to what results are important for clear diagnosis and treatment of. Even more offended now that I have watched your very detailed informational videos.

    My next appointment is to ask for a referral for an Endo., but no idea who to go to, I don't want to risk the GP's choice and prefer to go with one that is recommended for getting clear results and correct treatment. Two so far have been recommended. Any ideas - Lancashire area? Will go private & prepared to travel.

    **Thank you so much for simplifying on your videos, and for being passionate about other people's health too. Will get the book.**

    God Bless and Happy New Year!

  • Don't seem to be able to reply to you properly PoppyRose and this system lost my reply - annoying.

    A shorter version (since I haven't got time to do it all over again) is:

    Blood tests won't always reveal hypo.

    A trial of natural desiccated thyroid would be good. T4 is not a good replacement drug on its own.

    Endos are very conservative and I wouldn't get too excited about getting a good response from one as they tend to stick to lab tests as the best indicator of thyroid status. If you can get a good recommendation then this is great.

    I hope you enjoy the book and good luck with it all.

    Best wishes,


    (sorry about being brief but as I said this system lost my original reply)

  • Thank you for your reply Paul, What a shame - I'm too having problems with this site this morning and now rushing too!

    What I would like ideally since that they seemed to have diagnosed HypoT, but not treating it very well having done so, and not investigating any further, rather much leaving me to 'self-help' - is for someone with more knowledge into the Hypo. adrenal system etc... to investigate further.

    Thanks for replying.

    Best wishes.

  • Good luck then ...... not many of these about. If you are having hypo and adrenal issues then .... I have to say the best method of treatment is probably to use natural desiccated thyroid (or T3 if this doesn't work well enough) and my own system of CT3M. Levothyroxine (T4) is not a good treatment.

    An adrenal saliva test from Genova Diagnostics will give you the info on free cortisol levels over the day (this is not available via NHS). Blood tests for cortisol are hopeless as they don't measure free cortisol.

  • Hi Poppy & Paul

    Please make sure to report any technical problems via the green feedback link. Thanks! :-)


  • Thanks, have now done that.

  • Morning Paul,

    I have received the book and just at chapter 2. An easy read and definitely one for hubby so that he can truly understand that it's NOT all about 'women's hormones.' !!

    The introduction of how you felt health wise and how untreated or incorrectly treated does affect relationships. Hubby def. needs to read!

    Very clear explanations - so far.

    Where could I send more techy Q's to you? for example. If T3 is useless whilst within the bloodstream does the blood test result correlate with the effect it will have once within the cells? i.e. that it's effect can't be influenced by anything else once within cells.



  • Read the whole book first. This point becomes clear. Blood tests cannot show active levels of thyroid hormones in the cells. My website also has many blog posts on this. Check it out: - there is also a 'contact us' page through which you can reach me. Please read the entire book first though.

    Best wishes,


  • That's fine. It does make sense - sorry just keen!

    Also thanks for directing me, I'll check out the website now I know where to go.



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