Think I Can Lose Weight

Hi Everybody,

Thought I would just provide a quick update. I went on holiday!!!!!!

Decided that it would be good to test my new higher levers of mobility. I live on the outskirts of Brighton so the journey to the railway station is long and expensive (if I take a cab). By sheer coincidence I found out that a hotel in Hove was offering half price accommodation. So, I decided I would book into this hotel for one night and walk along the seafront to test my legs. Next day I would travel by train to London and stay with my friend overnight. Following that I planned to visit my daughter the next day and then nip over to Russell Square to stay in a proper London hotel for the night before travelling home.

Well by Jove, with some adjustments, I did it. The room in the hotel in Hove was fab. Before arriving I stopped at a little cafe and had tea and a pastry. I was too tired to walk along the seafront but I was able to go out and have a pleasant meal. Next morning I felt fresh but a little worried about traveling. You see I chose not to drive a long time ago so I am reliant on public transport.

The train journey was great and I met my daughter and friend in Victoria. I rested for a while and then we caught the bus to my friend's house. Next morning her lovely partner drove me to my daughter's place and I also had a good time walking around Newington Green then to the London hotel which was rather old fashioned and very nice. Next day I 'did' the British Museum. Perhaps a step to far. I started to become disoriented and could not find my way out. Had to stay at the hotel an extra night. I slept from 18.00 to 08.00 but I was warm and very comfortable. Trust me to go off on a jaunt at the tail end of the most miserable winter I can remember. I was able to travel home in comfort because I was rested and even resisted a cab home from the station and took the bus. I did spend the next three days in bed though and I thought some of my old symptoms had come back permanently. Fortunately not.

At the back of my mind I thought that this journey would prove whether I can handle a 10 day trip to Puerto in Tenerife in 12 days time!!!!! I think I will be able to because getting there will be easier than the London trip and I will not be doing much at the other end.

Without triiodothyronine I would not have been able to make the London trip which in terms of time was the longest trip I have been on for four years. My daughter and her partner were in tears and my friend was amazed at my level of fitness. I have a long way to go but today I started feeling that slightly shaky feeling which is about metabolism stepping up a gear. I am not so hungry and am avoiding high carbohydrate foods (except for the Hove pastry). I have only noticed this effect once in about 17 years and that was due to a whacking great amount of thyroxine. I used to be so good at managing my weight in this society designed to encourage high levels of consumption; that all went by the board when I became profoundly hypothyroid. Now the intention is back.

Now I have to develop my balance again so I can start exercise. Slowly I will build up to being able to do weight bearing exercise. Losing weight will greatly contribute to new fitness levels and for the first time in a very long time - I am very happy.

Love to you all

Lin X

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  • That's lovely to hear Lin! Always good to have uplifting stories. Thank you for sharing.


  • Hi there,

    Thanks so much for your kind words.



  • Love your name!

  • What Lin Donaldson, really it is Linda but when I hear someone use my full name i think of my Mum and it makes me sad.


  • Lin means "forest, fine jade, gem" - I only discovered that by accident

  • Oh how lovely. Unfortunately, I think in German it means snake but I like snakes they are much misunderstood. X

  • lol!

  • Well done you. It's great to hear such a positive, uplifting story. Long may it continue :)

  • Hi monster,

    Do you know that is what I called my offspring when she was still in the womb. Sometimes I forget an call her by her womb name now ho ho! Thanks it is all the encouragement from you and everyone on this forum that makes me push. My next job is to tell my GP that I have been taking T3 since January. Now that will be a journey and a half.

    Will post news of my adventure.



  • Wonderful Lin! I'm so happy for you

    I always got lost in museums and now shopping centres too. Tenerife - ooh you jammy thing! I'm sure the sunshine will make a big difference and there's lots of cheap taxis anyway - (I went once!) have a lovely time! Jane :D x

  • Hi Spareribs,

    Yes the taxis and buses are very cheap and I cannot wait for that sun. I am staying in a place which has Eden in it's name, there are huge gardens and swimming pools you can walk in to. I will spend a week remembering how to float.

    Wandering around and losing your way often leads to something good happening. I met some really nice people and found some very weird artifacts. Indeed, wondering around and being a bit lost led me to this forum. From that I am now able to go on holiday.

    Warm regards


  • What a lovely story! Hope you have a FAB time in Tenerife!! All that Vitamin D!! ;-)



  • Thanks Louise,

    I got my passport this morning. Think I am going to start a blog about the hassles and joys (meeting kind people etc) of being disabled. It took five attempts to get my passport and if I can be bothered to complain I will blog what happened.

    I have my passport though and I am so happy. My adventure is just starting and I am so excited.

    Wish could invent a way of sending sunshine electronically so we can all have some.

    Kind regards


  • What an uplifting story. Have a lovely holiday ;)

    X x

  • So kind of you to respond and I will fill you all in about my exciting adventure.

    Lots of love

    Lin x

  • Thank you for sharing this, it is lovely to hear about your determinaton and success. Have a wonderful time in Tenerife. x

  • Hi there,

    Isn't it great to know that it is possible to find that extra bit of 'va va voom' that makes you switch on your computer and try and seek help. I put it down to being a Pict. We might be small but I reason that because my ancestors wondered across Scotland and survived some pretty bleak conditions I have inherited traits that give me inner strength. Well that's my story and I am sticking to it. What has really helped is thinking and believing that most things are possible.

    Anyway for what ever reason I switched on my computer and found Thyroid UK and this forum. Reading other people's successes gave me the confidence to push.

    Kindest Regards


  • ...great to read your post. It brought back many memories too of how I used to feel. When visiting my daughter in London 20 years or so ago - she could never understand why I didn't stray too far. At that time I didn't understand either. I thought it was to do with the contrast with my life in Cornwall and that I didn't like cities and all that noise. I now know it was because I just did not have the strength to meet the challenges of unknown territory....and all the other problems of not enough thyroid hormones. Wish I could show her your post !.....

    Enjoy your holiday and all that newly found confidence.....and thank you for sharing a beautifully written piece of your life..... x

  • Hi there Marz,

    Thank you so much for your praise. You can see from my other replies that I think working together and sharing information makes such a difference.

    Hypothyroidism is so misunderstood. Every cell in our bodies is changed. I think for me anyway the worst aspect of it is the way our brains and consequently, our minds change. The loss of confidence, low self esteem, feelings of doubt along with the 'fog' of confusion, difficulties in making judgments etc and things like vertigo are all pretty scary. Yet people cannot see this turmoil so they are unaware of it and we often think these symptoms are due to other factors. Please show your daughter my post I really do not mind at all. You can cut and paste it into a Word doc. Either that or I will send it to you somehow.


    Lin X

  • That was a lovely story and I am glad it has made you so much more positive.

    I too have decided that the weight issue is what needs addressing.

    My legs feel weak and wobbly but if I lose some weight it will give them a better chance. I intend walking as much as I can to try and bild up some strength in them. This is also good for the lungs and general well-being.

    I hope your holiday trip goes like a dream and that you thoroughly enjoy Tenerife. I am sure you will' I have been several times over the years and it is WARM and SUNNY! Have fun and tell us all about it please. x :)

  • Hi there,

    Do not overdo it though. But yes gentle exercise can only be a good thing. Will fill you in on holiday and hopefully remind you of some of the places you have been to.



  • Thank you for sharing your lovely story ... I also had tears in my eyes reading it. Enjoy your holiday I'm sure the warmth and the sun will add to making it special x

  • Have a wonderful, peaceful and gentle time - God bless! x

  • Brilliant News. Have a fabulous time on Holiday

    Love Angie xx

  • Hi Angie,

    Thanks so much for your support. Will really try hard to keep positive and practice. feel like a baby all over again!! Cannot be a bad thing. Is this my second life?


    Lin x

  • Schenks you darling - peace and gentleness - I am going to try and take it easy and enjoy my new found feelings of tranquillity. Wishing you love and joy.

    Lin X

  • Hi Lin

    I really enjoyed your story, uplifting and beautifully described. You should write for a living

    :-) have a wonderful time in Tenerife - I'm sure you will x

  • You really are very kind. I have always loved writing and that all went by the board when I was extremely hypothyroid. Since starting the T3 some of those old skills are coming back. I have always loved reading travel books and recently I have been thinking that I could write travel blogs from the perspective of the hypothyroid and otherwise challenged.

    Thanks for your good wishes about the holiday. Will blog when I come back and try to capture some of that sunshine.


    Lin x

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