Holiday - Tenerife 2013

Holiday - Tenerife 2013

Well I am back (in more ways than one). Had a fabulous time. I never thought I would be able to do it but I did.

I booked a flight to Tenerife in January to travel there in April. I kept a weather eye out for the kind of accommodation that would suit me and finally booked into a hotel in Puerto de la Cruz. The hotel had lifts and because it was quarter the way up a mountain, it provided a complementary bus service to the town centre on the hour every hour..

I organised assisted travel because my eyesight is quite poor and mobility is not brilliant. How amazing was that! I was met at the customs desk in Gatwick and traveled in a buggy to the boarding gate. The guy driving then very kindly helped me in to a wheelchair and wheeled me on to the plane. Met a lovely couple and we gossiped all the way to Tenerife.

On the way off the plane I was placed in a lift that meant I did not have to climb steps and then wheeled all the way to the arrivals lounge. What was the temperature I hear you ask? 26 degrees I reply with a grin on my face that I defy anyone to match.

I took one very light suitcase and because I felt fairly refreshed I was able to walk across the road and catch a coach to Puerto. On arrival I caught a taxi to take me to the hotel (3 euros). The hotel was lovely but I was a bit daunted by the steepness of the road outside.. But that was what the complementary bus was for.

It felt a bit odd being out and about, on my own, given I had spent the last five years becoming increasingly more ill and having to really struggle to find out why. However, I shrugged my shoulders, pulled myself upright and thought how lucky I was to able to find out what was wrong and start to put it right. And, what amazing place to come to to try and assess what I could now do to help myself further. The first thing I noticed was how much my muscles ached.

Taking a fairly conservative approach I decided to start gently and try and build up levels of exercise every day. I decided I would wake up and start the day about 7.00 am by having a good breakfast. Then I would spend a bit of time assessing how I felt to see what level of activity I could enjoy that day, do a few stretches and finish assessment by having a nice shower. I also decided that I would try and eat healthily. But primarily, I thought having fun was the top priority.

Well everybody, I packed so much into that two weeks that I will write another blog to share the fun!!!. The photo was of a guy who performed a number of moving statues.

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  • Oops wrong photo!

  • So pleased that you managed a holiday. I'm sure the sea air and sunshine will have done lots of good. Maybe we should organise a hypo holiday in the future! (If only money were no object).

    Look forward to your next post.


  • Hi there,

    I wish we could. Maybe we could organise a weekend coach trip in the UK so it would not be so expensive. Not sure if I will ever afford another holiday like the Tenerife one. I used some of my backdated DLA. And believe me it was the best money ever spent. I probably will not cost the NHS much for the next ten years because I feel more able to cope by myself.

    Let's think about a way of talking about our holidays or breaks (even if it is a trip to the park). All these events are so important. Do you know 8 months ago a walk from the living room to the kitchen was a major achievement so we all do things that are just as important even if the degree varies.

    Maybe a separate blog would do it.



  • Hi Lyn,

    Im so glad for you that you managed to go on this holiday and enjoy yourself.

    Love Angie xx

  • Just happy to feel more in control and still be independent.



  • Hi Lin,

    Well done!

    I love travelling on my own. My hubby doesn't like the sun so I trot off on my own for a week when I can.

    If you register withe all the main holiday company's they will send you offers.

    One week in Majorca, going next week and all inclusive, £235.

    There are lots of bargains around if you have the patience and time to find them. Xx

  • Thanks for that excellent advice. Glad you like going off on your own too. It is liberating and the only person you have to negotiate with is your self. So you get up in the morning and say "Lin what shall i do today". Lin replies"Let's go to the beach" Lin "What a great idea". No problem!

    Does your husband like cold countries or is he like my ex who really only traveled in his car and never outside the county of his birth. Me ex was tunnel visioned in general sadly.

    Thanks for good ideas I am off to bargain hunt.



  • We are I Benidorm as we speak Lin. ;).

    No he loves warm countries but he can't cope when it gets too hot. Heart disease and an ex-ginger, now white. His arms and legs get hard blisters/bumps, not very nice at all.

    After nearly 40 years together I think it is nice for us to have a break now and again. Thankfully we are still I. Lo e, and great friends.

    When I go away, generally Tenerife too, I wait and. Arch the first bus to 'anywhere', it's my little mystery tour. ;)

    A lot more people are travelling solo. I have been doing it since 1994 and love it.


  • Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about your husband. When I had my vit D3 deficiency I seemed to burn more easily so I can empathise. Also a Pict so blue rather than brown is my natural colour. I think it is refreshing to have little breaks away. It certainly means there is plenty to talk about. Sounds like you have a lovely relationship and I am glad you are able to holiday together too. Benidorm sounds great.


    Lin X

  • Look forward to further blogs! :) xx

  • Thanks Louise.

    There are a couple of amusing things that happened!


  • How wonderful Lin - you are so brave going on your own! I remember just catching a taxi & plane to Denmark to empower myself too! but I did have a good friend to meet me, it was a big step and we had a fantasticl time - btw I am available for company if you want to go again - fancy Greece? hugs J xxx

  • How did you find Denmark? :0)

  • Hi spareribs,

    Greece sounds great. It is good to try things out. I could have sat at home always thinking I had the chance and did not take it, and believe me I was so tempted to do that. But after going it alone (or at least without my GP) when replacing T3 I have lost my cowardly lion. Mind you people here have been just brilliant in providing support and that has made a huge difference..

    Denmark sounds great. I am so glad you had a friend to meet you. It does make a difference.

    I would love to go to Greece so keep in touch. Really.



  • It's so good to read about your holiday. Well done for planning it and going alone and having such a good time!

    I travelled through Gatwick in April too, going to Denmark with my mother to stay with friends of hers. I had booked a buggy for her but on the way out a flight of 30 disabled people had just landed so the buggies were all assigned and my mother had a wheelchair instead, which got her as far as the departure lounge which was a fair walk, the only problem was that the large and energetic man pushing her was walking much faster than I could! Coming back they had a buggy ready for her and one other lady, so there was also room for me and I was amazed at all the empty corridors normally behind the scenes and especially sitting there while the passport person came to look at us instead of having to queue up.

    I too found my trip exhilarating, visiting a country I knew well from my childhood but this time looking at it from the point of view of a tourist. I took one day on my own to get a train into Copenhagen and sightsee by myself and really loved it. It's so good to have a change of scene and the time to take stock and have some fun, I have to say though that you had the better weather :)

  • Hi Fram

    Reply to you below...


  • Hi there,

    Your trip to Denmark sounds great. Assisted travel can be a bit risky. Especially when the person helping forgets to keep pace. Yet it makes such a difference to energy levels. I found it quite hard to be ferried around because I am cussed and like to do things myself. A little humility goes a long way though and it is surprising to find how much pleasure people take from helping. I remember one lady helped me read a sign and pointed me in the right direction when i lost my helper. She grinned from ear to ear when she realised how grateful I was and walked away with a straight back and a little skip in her step. Wow I had made someone hapoy!

    Behind the scenes is interesting and yes where do all those corridors and stairs go to!

    So glad you were able to revisit Denmark. I always think it must be a great place to visit. Copenhagen sounds great and it is interesting to visit a well known place as a tourist. I always have some days out in Brighton (where I live) and walk along the seafront pretending I am on holiday. The ice cream is always lovely too.


    Lin X

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