Lose Weight with Hypothyroid!!

Hello All!

I want to share with you my recent success of losing weight with Hypothyroidism.

I have been trying for quite some time to lose weight, to no avail. Desperate, I thought I would have to just put up with it being a side effect of being hypo and suck the slow metabolism (bitter) sweet pill hoping that when my TSH came back into normal ranges my metabolism would speed up; this left me feeling quite helpless. I ate well, found energy from somewhere to jog; God only knows how I mustered the energy up, I don't know!

I decided to end the jogging, muscles are far too fatigued!

I have come across Zoe Harcombe, a Phd Obesity researcher; she has a website and you can find her on you tube.

She explains in her book that our bodies process Fats and Carbs differently; for example if you have a healthy salad, new potatoes and steak, our bodies will always turn to the carb (Potatoes) first and store the fat (Meat), then later you have a 'healthy' sandwich of brown wholemeal bread, butter, ham and salad, the bread (carb) will be used for energy and the butter, ham will be stored as fat in the body. The next morning you have porridge with milk and honey, the porridge and honey (Both Carbs and sugars from the milk) will be used for energy before any steak, ham, butter is touched and thus stored in the body as fat!!!

This makes so much sense, nearly every meal combines foods; FATS and CARBS!

There is carbs in fruits and veggies too, so the sugars that are ingested from the salads / fruits etc will also be used for energy first before getting to any Fat stores for energy......if that is ever possible because of the large intake of carbs we have in our everyday diets.

There are three phases to the eating plan, phase one is just five days long, it was initially designed to deal with Candida, Food Intolerances and Hypoglycaemia, however, the outcome was large weight loss.

In five days I lost 6 pounds!! and into my third week have lost 13 pounds! I really can't believe it! My weight was increasing every weigh in. I was always a natural weight of 9st 2lb, I went up to 11st 8lb! Now 13lbs lighter, I feel back in control.

My stomach had been bloated for over a year, everything I ate (even porridge or drinking water) would irritate my stomach and make me look pregnant and in pain!

I am really chuffed, I hope that if you find Zoe Harcombe's work you are able to take from her knowledge what I have done.



The science

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  • Well done and I'm happy for you particularly so because you've lost weigh quickly through your regime and it does give you lots of encouragement.

  • Absolutely!! My Dad (who is anti healthy eating / dieting) is also hyoo, he was 17st and lost a stone in 5 days!!

  • Everyone will be piling in now to try your method. :)

  • I hope so, it gives us back our self authority and empowerment other than waiting to see if the TSH / Meds alter the metabolism! This is a lengthy process too-ing and fro-ing to endo appointments only for weight and other symptoms to be ignored,

  • Sorry if I appear stupid (brain fog suffer lol) so what did u cut out of your diet, the carbs or fat?

  • Hello

    It is the carbs that are reduced but not eliminated fully.


  • That's fantastic! :)

    My "sister" lost a clothes size in a month, by changing what she ate rather than restricting calories. No processed food or white flour & sugar, no caffeine stimulants, no dairy, & no meals containing both protein & starch which sounds like a similar principle to your diet. She also started every day with a fruit smoothie, which was the biggest shock as she hates the stuff.

  • The science of how our bodies process foods makes so much sense.

    Big tasty meals with olive oil, butter sauces and eating the tasty skin of chicken is very satisfying ....and the weight comes off😊

  • Is that the diet they call 'food combining'?

  • In a way yes, but remember the more carbs you eat the less likely your body will turn to its fat stores for energy.


  • There's different types of food combining, or leaving out foods that clash in the same meal.

    I'm veggie, so food combine to eat a full range of amino acids that make up protein.

    For me, this would be the great veggie option of beans on toast, which would be a no-no for food combining for a diet. Especially as I use butter, then put a sprinkle of cheese on top! If I wanted to loose weight, I could eat the ingredients separately, but as the beans are high carb as well as protein, that wouldn't work so well.

    Other veggie dishes are hummous & pitta bread, dahl & chapattis, or refried beans & tortillas. Most cultures have some sort of a bean & grain mix.

    I had an issue with starches before I took thyroid replacement meds, but never fruit sugars or healthy fat from nuts. Everyone's genetically different, so finding what works can be difficult if it's not what we've culturally been brought up to eat.

  • What do are your thoughts on the "eat right for your type" theory, meaning those with type B or 0 will benefit most from a low carb high fat diet, whereas those with type A or AB will do better on a GI type of diet (glycemic index, meaning some low glycemic carbs, some even say carbs should make up 1/3 of your daily food intake as long as they are low glycemic index carbs).

  • Hello

    I haven't heard of that theory , I will explore!

  • Hogwash! Utter tripe that the guy thought up, with no scientific basis, to make money from gullible people! I'm type O, & I hated meat from when I was first force fed it, the opposite of what he states. Genes play a role in blood type, but there's more than that in action with what suits us individually, including lifestyle choices.

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