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Moving forward

Hey I have had borderline thyroid hormone since, as a fitness instructor, I burnt out 9 months ago & unfortunately had remained in a stagnant position, since my doctor was reluctant to prescribe thyroxine or other treatment, as long as I remained borderline. Thus I have been spending £75 a month on homeopathic supplements, courtesy of a GP status work colleague who kindly guided me here for help to continue my career in fitness.

However my energy levels stayed low & my dad asked me, 'what is the positive from this?' I thought about it & decided to qualify as a Pilates Instructor. In this way I continue working, gently, whilst developing my career. I have 2.5 months of studies until I qualify & will start working with my first private client at the end of April 2013.

I spoke with a more empathetic doctor regarding my latest blood test results last Thursday & my T4 has now dropped below borderline. Consequently I am going to have further tests to rule out 'anything else'. If these tests come back 'normal', this doctor will start me on thyroxine & if the results show abnormalities, I am going to be referred to an endocrinologist.

Now I'm progressing, I am aware I was becoming depressed & had been overeating, my weakness in the past that I had been sliding back into. Linked possibly with feelings of low self esteem, in this instance relative to the fact that my doctor thought me unworthy of treatment. This is changing though & I am happy, whilst sad for people who wait longer.

I wish everyone experiencing this insidious health problem, well.

Healthy regards

Sarah-Jane Gladwin

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I'm glad you found a positive out of your experiences and that you are now on your way to getting the right medication :-)


Well done for persevering and training to be an Pilates instructor too, my daughter was a fitness instructor/dietician for a while (but now back in accounts!).

Your words "unworthy of treatment" rang a bell with me too. I hope you don't have to wait much longer to feel well, all the best Jane :)


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