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1st blood test after 25mcg trial

I have just had results after being on just 25mcg for 8 weeks and gp phoned tonight and said the TSH and T4 were unchanged.They were 5something for TSH and 15 for T4.he said to just stay on the 25mcg.Thanks to this site and the info I have gleaned from it I had the confidence to say would the figures improve if I stay on that dose? He said no,and although the lab reading is within range if you feel you still have clinical symptoms then we will increase to 50mcg.I said I felt that after 2 weeks on it I noticed improvement but that had peaked and now seemed to be waining.He said then up dose to 50mcg as from tomorrow. Great to at least be given a try,so thanks again for all the info and help.Just wondering though, if by chance 50mcg is too much for me, will I know it in a day or so,or is it a case of it taking 2 weeks or so to reach higher level? Or do I just get on with it and see what happens if anything? I did think of doing 37.5 Mcg but the levo just shattered so that didn't seem to great an idea! These are still quite small doses tho so maybe nothing much different? Thanks

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I don't think 50mcg will be too much. 50mcg is a starting dose and only someone who was very frail would be given 25mcg, I believe. The Professor of Endocrinology told me I should have been started on 50mcg immediately. Your next increase should be in about 5 weeks time usually in increments of 25mcg. We should have a TSH of 1 or less, or even suppressed and the addition of some T3 if required.

Many GP's think when the TSH is within range that's the job done and anything else you complain of is not connected. This isn't correct, undertreatment causes more problems.


Thanks shaws for the useful tips


I think you've got it!

You will not know for sure what the impact of 50 will be - until you get there. Lots of people have wobbly moments on the way. If it really feels too much, simply cut back to 37.5 and see how it goes.

You could alternate 50 and 25 - quite a lot of people do some form of alternate day dosing. Sometimes quite complex patterns!



Thanks Rod for your help,I will post later on how things go.


cupi, good on you for asking that brilliant question! Possibly very elderly women can get by on 25 mcg. If we took a survey and maybe we should, most are above 75 mcg.


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