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Went for yet another blood test yesterday and was amazed that the nurse didnt know what Free T3 was and couldnt find it in the computer for the printout to go with the bottles of bloods! Do the staff at doctors ever get trained properly or do they really learn as the go aling? Its the sevond time the nurse has had to double check which tests the doctor has takes a patient to educate them.....this is so frustrating. Also the last blood test I had done came back marked 'no further action needed'which is what was told to me on the telephone by receptionist when I phoned for my results. ... I had a docs appointment booked anyway so I still went expecting to be told yet again nothings wrong despite feeling 'rough' still....depleted of energy..again!....suffering very dry skin...again!......upset stomach.....again! Aching bones.....again!also the appearance of yet another swelling on my neck!! Etc. Etc....the list is endless lol ... to my surprise the doc told me my calcium levels were low and also my thyroid levels...he's put me on calcium tablrts (yuck! But needs must) and has asked for another blood test Free T3 to be done.....I do feel however on a more positive note that the doctor is now taking me seriously and listening to how im feeling.

I cant help but wonder if the person reading the actual results of bloid twsts knows what they are reading and inputs the correct info whether I would have been treated sooner rather than later?!? Im appalled at the lack of knowledge about thyroid conditions at my surgery....really really disappointed. .....

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  • I do doubt if they get more than a half-day training on thyroid gland problems and as regards hypo the reliance is on the TSH for diagnosis and no clue what a clinical symptom is. They are told levothyroxine is the only meds to be prescribed and they then insist the TSH is to be 'within range' with the result that so many patients remain ill, take more prescribed drugs for continuing symptoms and have years of ill-health.

    At least your doctor is willing to listen.

  • I had a very long series of blood tests done by my endo recently and got a letter saying that my vitD was low and that my iron was a little low and supplements in both were needed . It wasn't until I insisted of a copy of these results (which raised a few eyebrows as the endo secretary was adamant that this couldn't be done) that I then found that I had NINE blood results that were abnormal (or out of range).

    To say that I will be taking these up with the endo at the end of the month is an understatement but I really cant understand why all these abnormal results have been ignored and what would have happened if I hadn't insisted on copies (no scrap that last statement, I do know what would have happened - they would have been swept under the carpet with nothing being said and me being none the wiser)

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie.....that is appalling I cannot believe this is going on...what are these people doing in their jobs??! I really hope this gets sorted for you hun xx

  • Don't worry I'll be getting the answers that I want and it has just strengthened my belief that getting copies of ALL blood tests in a necessity.

    I did bring this questions up with my GP - not about this particular set of results but others that were "out of range" and her answer was "when this is out of range (I think it was a blood count) and this is in range (I think this was another blood count) then we know nothing is going on but if the second one is also out of range then we take notice". What she was saying is that it is o.k. for certain things to be out of range as long as other things are in range. Does it stop me asking questions when any of my results are out of range - no it doesn't - my mum taught me that its better to be safe than sorry plus I don't trust the NHS as far as I can throw it.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Some NHS Labs will not do it, impossible here, I have to pay for mine. So important. Costs!


  • So... begs the question why they will not diagnose on symptoms then, doesn't it?

    Maybe they will have to go full circle - hope so.


  • On the computer system at my GPs the thyroid blood tests are split up so that the standard test is just TSH and T4. If the nurse clicks the box to say I'm on T3 meds it sets up the blood test as only T3 and nothing else... BUT... we've discovered that if they click the box at the bottom of the list saying 'Ordered by Consultant' then it does all three!!! They now get me to look at the computer and help them find the right tests! I imagine the computer system is the same across all NHS gps so might be worth taking a look over their shoulder next time. ; )

  • I was watching what was being clicked on on the gps computer system lol thats how I see what was happening :)

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