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North Kent Bluewater Support Meeting April 17 - John Lewis cafe 11am

My apologies everyone who showed an interest in this. Ive been away for longer than meant and then my daughter returned home from New York where she has been for a year so lots of other arranging was taking place.

The bulk of people seemed to think that Bluewater was the best venue but I think it could be difficult. However as a starter meeting I dont think it would do any harm to meet in the John Lewis cafe area for a coffee and to establish who we all are, what arrangements would suit everyone best and then we can go from there.

So, apologies again, and either indicate below or dm me if you;d like to come.

Look forward to meeting you all


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I can get to Bluewater. What time would it be?



oops, just seen. 11! :) Probably can't make it this time. But would love to meet another day if

you have another meet up.


Would the next day, the 18th be better for you? Seems a few people cant make 17th?


Hello Susan, yes I can make the 17th at 11am


Hi, I would love to come along and meet people/have a chat. I can make Bluewater at 11am on the 17th.


Ah no I can't, I have an appointment at GOSH with my son at 11.45 :-( So disappointed, it would have been great. Please let me know when the next one will be.


For a moment I thought i'd finally gone completely mad - seeing the posts from my namesake Nicola-Jane - I thought I dont remember writing any of that!!

I'm very sad to say I cant make it and annoyingly, the reason I cant is because i have to go for one of the dreaded 'work capability assessments' that morning :( But if there is ever another meet-up anywhere in the Kent area I would love to come x


Would the next day, the 18th april be better for you? It seems a couple of people cant make 17th and I want to let everyone come if they can.


Yes the 18th would be better. If you do change it to to that day I will do my utmost to get there but please dont change the plans on my account x


HI Sue

I would love to come on the 17th, if I can get time off work I will definatelu be there.




Hi, just wondered if you managed to meet up this morning? How did it go? or whether you are rescheduling?

For future ref if you arrange another meeting I would love to come.

Nicola x


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