North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire Support Group

Next meeting: Saturday 26th April at St Paul's Hotel, Sheffield, 11.00am

Thank you to everyone who came along today or who showed an interest.

We all had a lovely relaxed time chatting and sharing -everyone was very friendly and liked the location very much -finding the easy transport links really helpful. The hotel is very quiet and the staff let us be so we didn't feel pressured to move on until we were ready which was great.. The group was well represented by people with overactive ( Graves) as well as under active thyroid conditions. ( the close location of the city shopping area for afters was also well received and a plus!!!) So we thought we would meet up again for another laid back tea/coffee and chat at the same venue :)

So do pop our next date as above in your diaries. We really hope you can come long and join us -we'd love to see you!!! :) :)

A little further update: -the hotel is now aware that we are meeting for a coffee/tea and chat and has kindly offered to make sure we have a quiet location in the hotels lounge -reception will direct anyone arriving looking for us along to where we are sat. This should make it easy for anyone arriving at the hotel to find us :)

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  • So glad it went well... let me know if you would like to be added to our list.. :)



  • Thank Louise - I think the group would like to be added to your list :)

    Can I just ask about tags on posts -how do you add a tag? For some reason it has added 'overactive ' but not 'underactive' ......and also it would be lovely to be able to add 'support group' to the tags.

  • Brilliant! :)

    Can you drop me an email to iron out the finer details please -

    You can't change the tags at the mo, this is something we have asked HU to work on.. :(



  • Looking forward to our next meeting, it went very well yesterday

  • Glad you enjoyed Wednesday. We enjoyed your company as well!

  • Meant to add as well Wednesday that it thought our chat about our Grandmothers was interesting. They both showed symptoms of having an under active thyroid and yet it wasn't picked up on, both had PA as well. At least now with the Internet suggestions for symptoms are more readily available. Its a pity more doctors aren't responsive to such suggestions and willing to act on it. I have often wondered where my hypo came from and a pattern is certainly emerging. Something I've just thought of, my gran apparently ate raw liver daily until medication came in as I said. Thinking back her weekly injections were eventually stopped as she was told they could lead to a stroke in the elderly. I'd be interested to know if there is any truth in that. It was about this time that her hair started thinning on top, her eyebrows disappeared and she put on weight. She died from a massive stroke aged 81. As we said hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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