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North Kent Support Group Meeting - March


As promised I am arranging the meeting for March.

Louise Warvill has kindly supplied me with some literature etc so I am going to suggest either Monday 25, Tuesday 26 or Wednesday 27 March.

Please let me know who can make these dates and then I'll find a suitable meeting place that suits all. It looks like it will be at Bluewater but not sure where that would be suitable to sit for any length of time if just for a coffee. Any ideas welcome.


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Hi Susan, I'm in Sevenoaks and would love to come but annoyingly I've got something on every one of those days! I will keep an eye on further posts to see what day you end up with and maybe I could shift something around.


How annoying. Those dates might change if nobody else can make it. Have you been to Raffertys in Sevenoaks? Super coffee place.

Yes! it's not far from where I live - great selection of gluten-free cakes too!

I love it. Maybe I should do 2 meetings, one for people more over my way and one for over Sevenoaks way because I have two little groups of people who are in both areas.

Would April suit you better regardless of where it is?

Yes, April would be better, sounds good! Where are you?


in case anyone is looking for a local support group...

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Hidden

If all goes well, I would very much like to add this new 'gathering' to the list! :-)

Susan - Glad to hear you got the 'stuff'! :-)



Numberone1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, yes Louise, arrived yesterday and reading through it all.

Very informative.

I will let you know if it's likely to be a success.



LouiseRobertsAdministrator in reply to Numberone1

Good luck Susan! :-) Sometimes these things take a couple of goes to really get off the ground. :-)

Contact Clarebear, Suze or Barbara for advice on groups!



Hi Susan

I'm in Farningham, Dartford and would love to come too! I'm still working on those days at the moment and have some other stuff going on, so probably could make it but definitely up for the next one :)

Denise x

Hi Susan

Can make any of those days, hopefully there would be others to join us too. John Lewis has a fair size eating area, just a thought. Well done for getting this far.

Although in Essex I would like to come but if during the day I cannot make it as I work full time I know but have to keep taking leave to manage it.

Hi. Im still in the early stages of getting dates agreed and it looks like March might not be possible anyway.

Do you have any days off in April?


Not sure as it is Easter and others take time off and I try to make myself available at difficult times to help improve my image at work. You know always sick and unavailable oh I can have Easter off as-- is coming in to cover. It helps.

If I have plenty of notice I can book something so set a date and I will try especially at Bluewater as have not been for years so an excuse to visit would be good although in that case a Friday would be good so I can sleep Saturday.

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