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North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire Support Group

Next meeting: Saturday 26th April at St Paul's Hotel, Sheffield, 11.00am

Thank you to everyone who came along to the last meeting or who showed an interest.

We all had a lovely relaxed time chatting and sharing -everyone was very friendly and liked the location very much -finding the easy transport links really helpful. The hotel is very quiet and the staff let us be so we didn't feel pressured to move on until we were ready which was great.. The group was well represented by people with overactive ( Graves) as well as underactive thyroid conditions. ( the close location of the city shopping area for afters was also well received and a plus!!!)

. We really hope you can come long and join us at our next meeting (Date above) -we'd love to see you!!! :) :)

A little further update: -the hotel is now aware that we are meeting for a coffee/tea and chat and has kindly offered to make sure we have a quiet location in the hotels lounge -reception will direct anyone arriving looking for us along to where we are sat. This should make it easy for anyone arriving at the hotel to find us :)

So come along and have a chat and coffee -and who knows a spot of shopping after!!!

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Pinned for you! :)

Let me know if I can send you anything - we have some nice new leaflets.. :)




Thanks Louise......leaflets would be lovely -but ignore my last email!!!


LOL! Okey dokey! :) x


I live in Barnsley - I would like to attend. Do I just turn up? Meri


Yes just turn up and ask for the coffee lounge and that you are meeting us. They should point you in the right direction. Be good to meet you!


I cannot believe I missed the first one I had been looking out for it .Will try to come to the next .:)


Be good to see you!


Hi, I live in Sheffield and have just noticed this can I come along?


Hi Everyone,

Lovely to hear from you all -looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow :) The lounge area now has a food menu -so can do a bit more than just coffee and tea if you feel peckish at all! Don't forget to let hotel recpetion know on your arrival :) xx


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