North Kent meeting?

I have found this forum to be really useful and helpful.

I see that some areas have meetings and if there isn't one in this area already, I would like to arrange one if anyone is interested.

I live between Sevenoaks and Bluewater and if anyone in these areas would like a February meeting, then it would be great.

Is anyone up for it? We can swap local NHS/GP or Private stories.


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  • Hi Susan

    There is a least one group in Kent already - drop me an email and I can send you the list. :-)



  • Hello Louise

    Is there somewhere on the site we can see a list of all groups ? Would be a good idea if not as I'm sure a lot of people would find it very useful. I'm in east Surrey and would definitely be interested in finding my local group. Thanks Dave

  • Info here:



  • Hello Numberone, I live in Northfleet but unfortunately do not drive, what do you have in mind?

  • You must be able to get the bus to Bluewater or Meopham.....I live in Meopham and The Cricketers would be a good venue for a coffee or drink? Let's see what response I get.

  • Hi again, yes I can get the bus to Bluewater which is somewhat easier for me, although I do have to walk almost a mile to get to the bus stop to take me there. Unfortunately I also have fibromyalgia and have to pace myself regarding journey lengths. For Meopham I would have a five minute walk to a bus stop, catch a bus into town and then another bus to Meopham then obviously reverse the journey to get home again, not easy. Anyhow good luck with your quest in sharing.

  • Can you think of anywhere that would be more useful for you to get there?

  • Hi yes would be interested in meeting up and meeting others with this condition - I live in larkfield so not a million miles away - my email address is, look forward to hearing from you all

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