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North Kent Support group meeting

Further to earlier message, I am now ready to arrange the first support group meeting.

Some of you had shown an interest in this and I am thinking that March would be the best time if it suits all of you too.

I think Bluewater seemed to be a popular meeting place or a local coffee/pub bar?

Let me know who would like to make it for the 2nd week of March ie w/b 10 March?

I think this would be good for all of us to chat about our problems and then as we meet more regularly we could maybe get some experts to come along and give advice too?


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Hello Susan

I would be happy to attend a meet up at Bluewater in the second week of March. Perhaps you could confirm a set date when you are ready.

Kind regards



Hi Susan

Would love to send you an Info pack, some sample Mags & some other helpful bits for people to look through. Drop me an email with your address if you would like some stuff.Thanks!


x :-)


Please keep me posted when dates and times are firmed up - I will try to make this meeting




Id be interested in coming to this so let me know when this is organises for!

Anya x


I would be interested in coming along too x


Count me in please....Thanks D x


As I am in Hastings, just checked journey nearly 3 hours for me and £30+ along with engineering works! Wears me out just thinking about it....

So count me out again please...:-(


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