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35.4! Temps


Hi all

I'm hypothyroid with adrenal fatigue.

I've been off my erfa for a week now under instruction from dr P- wanted to find out if I have HP axis issues. Anyway, my temp was 34.5 earlier. I feel very weird, panicky and edgy. Nearly collapsed getting out the bath just then! Low blood pressure? My pulse is normal around 60 bpm. I'm still taking my Nutri adrenal glandulars.

What's going wrong here? I thought without my thyroid meds I'd be more slower and hypo, not feeling this edgy ill feeling.



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Sorry that should have read, 34.5!

Hi Si - when I am hypo I get anxiety and panic attacks, although I can also get this when over-medicated too. Lots of the symptoms overlap, so it is not unusal to feel like this I don't think. Maybe time to start the Erfa again? Your pulse sounds hypo too - mine was 57-62 when really hypo - now that I am better it is usually mid 70s. xx

Hey did you get my reply claire?!? Lol x

Clarebear in reply to sporty333

No? :D x

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