Possible low adrenal function

Hi all, I was diagnosed hypothyroid (Hashimotos) just under a year ago. I'm now taking 100mcg of levothyroxine per day, the most my doctor will allow based on my blood tests. I am strictly gluten-free and also avoiding cows dairy and nightshades, tea and coffee, chocolate and avocado (the last are migraine triggers). I am still feeling tired and spaced out, poor memory etc, and the doctor recently did further blood tests which showed low cortisol levels. I'm going to have a synacthen test for adrenal function on 5 April. Has anyone else had this? Any tips to prepare for the test? Any tips if I need treatment for the adrenal gland? Thank you.

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  • at the top of the screen, right hand side - 'Search Thyroid UK' put synacthen test in the box, enter and read all about it.

    Your doctor may have told you your blood tests are 'in range' now or 'normal'. He may have left you with a TSH at the top of the range when we thyroidies need to be at around or <1 ( not at over 4 like my chump told me ) once we're medicated. Have you got your results with the ranges ?

  • Thanks, my blood test results are TSH 0.06 (below low reference limit). T4 19.3. Thanks for explaining how to search on this topic.

  • Hi

    I had this test done last year on the NHS. I went onto a day ward in the morning where a nurse put a cannula into my hand and put a clear fluid into my veins every half an hour or hour (can't remember), they also took blood at different times. My test came back that I was fine however from reading on here it's not an accurate test. I'm going to order a saliva test which is done throughout the day into the evening, just need to get my pennies together first.

  • Thank you, I'm just having the short test initially. It may lead on to seeing an endocrinologist, which would be useful. Good luck with the saliva test.

  • Have you posted your most recent blood test results with the ranges? Your GP might tell you that your in the normal range but time and time again they are wrong.

  • Yes, TSH 0.06 and T4 19.3.

  • What about your FT3?

  • FT3 has not been tested. I told my GP I'd heard that sometimes the body has difficulty converting T4 to T3 a while back, but she tried to tell me that T4 is the active substance so T3 is irrelevant. She was very definite about it, I had to come home and check! I haven't mentioned it again. But that is why I would like to see an endocrinologist who would have a better grasp of the processes involved. Or I suppose I could try asking for the T3 test - or get it done privately as I see others have done.

  • My ex GP hadn't heard of T3 and told me it was all in my head and stop looking into my condition! All I can say is please don't stop.. move GP if he won't refer you. I would still get private tests done as you don't know how long the wait could be plus having as much info as you can before you see an Endo is always beneficial

  • most GPs know nothing. All the GPs Ive seen say they leave it to the endo, because they dont even understand the bloof test results

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