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I have adrenal exhaustion and an underactive thyroid and one of my worse symptoms is a spaced out feeling. Its like im not really here and find it so difficult to challenge and get my point across. Before my illness i could always stand up for myself now i feel i can not fight my way out of a paper bag. Can anyone else relate to this and is is more a thyroif issue than an adrenal?

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Ho boy o boy do I know that feeling well ! I feel as if i'm spaced out looking at the world from a distance & not feeling a part of it.

I have a few illnesses so like yourself dont know what is making me feel like this,it's a bit of an eany meany miney mo is it the thyroid, fibro,myalgia or what.

What ever it is it is not nice & like you my confidence has gone, I cant do half the things I used to. Take care your not alone with this misery. Jillymo x

You really do understand.... like you i have other stuff going..m.e. f.m. as well as thyroid and adrenal probs..

I'm afraid I understand only to well ! I was diagnosed with M E many years back due to miss understanding putting it politely.

My thyroid was boarder line for many years so the consultant would not medicate even though I had all the symptoms.

When the thyroid was treated I still felt very ill in fact I took my consultant to a tribunal & won my case !!!!! ::-)

It was then discovered I had hypoparathyroidism It was due to this I was feeling at deaths door.

F.m came on later & now sjogrens.........dare I say Merry Christmas.

What a joke to have to live with. Jillymo X

You sound just like me.....what were your symptoms of hypoarthyroidism im asking because im struggling to fight my corner with my doctor when they put everything down to M.E.and suggest i go to yet another CFS clinic which i am now refusing to. I have done all the pacing stuff...but this is something else.

Thats a hard one to answer due to being hper then hypo, the symptoms I had or have are hair loss, cronic lethargy, heat intolerance & mood swings.

That seems to be the answer these days sending us to these clinics they tried it with me for the fibro myalgia like you I refused.

Keep an open mind about the M.E it is an easy label for we dont know what is wrong with we dont wont to investigate to find out or get to the root of the problem.

It is not funny being pushed from one consultant to the bits & pieces are all over the damned body looks at the whole picture.

I have always thought I have lupus I have had a couple of boarder line results but no one will diagnose it. Take care, read, learn & take notes. Jillymo X

Pitituary and parthoyd keep coming on here as a possibility have you had a look at these. Sorry for bad spelling i just cant get those two right.

I could have written that myself. I find now its much easier to walk away from arguments that I know my mental capacity to put my point over will fail me at the worst point. So anyone over about 5, I would think! Doesn't stop me steaming over what I could/should have said, exhausting in itself..

Its the constant brain fog,almost like a time lag, it drives me crazy. Sorry I have no idea re thyroid or adrenal as borderline adrenal failure a few years back and hypothyroid for approx 20 years.

Can't even be bothered to fight for more bloods to test now as can't stay awake at the moment.

Good luck, hopefully someone with more brain cells than me will come along with some answers. :-)

Its so frustrating ..where as the person i used to be gone i keep asking.

Hi yorkshiregirl44, I can totally relate to your comments, when I was first diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion I would cry at the drop of a hat and could not control my emotions at all, was always apologising to people and so embarrased by all of this I stopped going out as just couldnt face it, I avoided contact with others and it started a deep spiral of suicidal depression that was really scary but not in my control, I had to have a crisis team to help me through this, but further tests then showed I also had severe growth hormone deficiency so have now been injecting daily for 4 months and mentally things are improving, what dose of hydro are you on and how do you split it during the day?. Have you got hashimotos thyroid ?. My diagnosis is now panhypopituitarism with adrenal, hashi hypo, gh deficiency, pituitary empty sella syndrone. Hopefully things can only get better now with meds but still arguing my case to be treated with ndt or T3 and not Levo as I think this is still hampering my recovery. What are your thoughts on this!.

can i ask what your symptoms were relating to the panhypopituitarism diagnosis were

Mostly severe fatigue, brain fog and feeling dizzy at times but mainly had been complaining for years that I felt my symptons on hashis wasstill causing to many symptons despite high dose of levo and tsh reading showed it suppressed, hence my insistence of referral to endo who started the tests firstly on cortisol and head mri which proved pituitary problems.

When i put my first post on here i described what i was expereincing as like i was dying even though i struggle to say why, i feel odd, unwell, massive brain fog almost like im going unconscious... but dont, weak, nausea, sometimes dry moth, uncomfortable around my trunk...not with it, fatiguesd but not sleepy. Does any of this ring any bells with you

Have you seen an endo and had further testing like a synth acth or tests on pituitary maybe you need these investigations

Had the 24hr cortisol urine test which came back on the low side but still within nomal range. I have an endo appt in December.

Most surely can relate to that too. Found this video to be helpful

Thanks will have a look at that.

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