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Lower temps this week ?

Hi all

I'm wondering why my temps would be lower this week. Last week while I was off work iwas recording temps in the 36.0's but now I'm back at work and getting up early again it's back to 35.6 this morning! I'm on the same doses of armour and adrenal glandulars so only thing that's changed is me being back at work and getting up earlier. Temps are lower though. Any idea why this would be?



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I wonder if you need more thyroid hormone when you are at work. Many people need a slightly higher dose if they do a lot of exercise so maybe the fact that you are probably doing more means you need a slightly higher dose.

It may also be that, because you have not been getting up so early, your cortisol levels in the morning were better and this had an effect on your temperature.

This is only a theory but perhaps one worth looking into.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn

Yes this was my initial though.... That I'm back to getting up early and obviously doing more. I was really pleased my temps had levelled out last week when I did my DATS..... Showing improvement in my adrenals!

There is a mixed camp on upping ones thyroid meds isn't there. I had it in my mind I would keep upping my armour until I saw improvement in my symptoms but there some people say not to, suggesting I am on enough at 3 grains a day. Argh! Confusion! I've been on 3 grains for 3 weeks, would this be a good time to add in and additional 1/2 a grain? As well, up my adrenal glandular?

What to do.....:0/

Simon x


I would wait another week or two before increasing again because it can take 4-6 weeks to feel the full effect of an increase.

I know thyroid blood tests aren't much use on their own and that symptoms should be used to judge dosage, but blood levels could be reassuring. For example, you could have a T3 test in a couple of weeks and see if your T3 is still within range. If it is, you could increase again. If it's over, you probably want to be more cautious.

I don't know why you should stop at 3 grains. I did think, given how much levo I was on to get pretty much optimal thyroid test results, that I would need around 3 grains to get the same amount of T4 plus the additional T3. I knew I would need some T3 as I don't convert well. It turns out that 3 grains wasn't enough and I am doing much better on 4 grains. I may need a further increase, but I do a lot of exercise and have an active job. At the end of the day we all need a different dose and I don't think it can be predicted, more than a rough estimate, how much we will each need.

You could increase your adrenal glandular and see what happens. Obviously if you have any side effects from this you may need go back to your current dose.

Bear in mind I am not medically qualified. I'm just going on my own observations of my own health and treatment and that of others :)


Yeah that's ok Carolyn, I understand all this is people's opinions and I make an informed decision on this basis :0)

Well if you're on 4 grains there's room for me to increase then!! I think I have to try but yes, I'll wait a couple of weeks yet. I'm due to send my diary in to dr P then so it will co inside with that. I'm also seeing dr Myhill in 3 weeks so another opinion.

I can't get a T3 test through my GP can I? Also I'm loathed to pay out yet again for a private blood test! T4 and tsh is a waste of time right?

How you feeling now Carolyn?



Your GP may do a T3 test but he will need to put on the form that you are taking a T3 replacement or they probably won't do it. The lab may still refuse to do it anyway but some people do manage to get T3 tests on the NHS.

Apparently the average person needs between 3 and 5 grains to feel well. Some people say it's between 4 and 6 grains. Whichever it is, there is probably some room for an increase. I'm sure Dr M will be able to advise. She's pretty good from what I hear.

I am doing much better thanks. I still feel like I have a little way to go but I suspect I just have to be patient. There is probably a lot of damage to be undone before I will feel totally well after I have found the optimum dose, so I am not rushing things. I am definitely functioning far better than I was :)

Carolyn x


yeah my GP has tried before....asking for T3. i've seen him put it on the form before but they never did it. Oh dear me....what is the matter with them! lol

I have just received my letter back from Dr Myhill re my stool test results. Shes set out a plan for there's other areas other than my thyroid that are causing me symptoms. So i reckon i'll wait until i've seen her or heard back from Dr P before i increase. I'll be trying too many things otherwise! lol

its not often you hear people taking more than 3 grains is it C?

Si x


I think quite a few people take more than 3 grains. 3 grains seems to be an average. I think it depends on whether you crush it too. I don't crush so I probably need a higher dose than someone who does crush or chew theirs.


Oh we'll I can imagine I need more than three then..... What with my active lifestyle.

I've started chewing , on advice from fellow armour taker.


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