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So many questions regarding under active thyroid! :-/


Im new to this forum and have so many questions! I would be so grateful for any help or advice!

So I have an under active thyroid, and have done for many years, Im on 125 of thyroxine, and even though blood tests say Im fine, I do not feel fine! I've nearly lost my eyebrows, put on a lot of weight, especially this past year, my hair is so much thinner, my energy levels have got worse.

I started taking the pill, levonorgestrel, and was taking it the same time as my thyroxine, could this interfere with the thyroxine being absorbed?

Also I have read that blood tests can't accurately tell if the thyroxine you're on is working, for instance, the thyroid gland produces both T4 and T3, and your body has to convert T4 into T3 for it to work, however, toxins and other factors may prevent your body from being able to do the conversion effectively.

I only found out about T4 and T3 from reading up about it (and Im still learning) my doc has told me nothing, I don't want to self diagnose myself, but there seems to be a huge lack of understanding in the medical field, unless you pay alot of money to see a specialist!

Also, even thought we are told to take it on an empty stomach in the morning, I have recently heard that it would be better taken at night?

I would love to hear from fellow sufferers on what you think?

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Firstly I would start taking your thyroid medication at least two hours apart from all other medication, suppliments, food and drink (except water). If you take Iron or Calcium suppliments then you need to leave at least a four hour gap. A lot of people on here take their thyroid meds of a night, just before they go to sleep as thyroxine will absorbe into the system better overnight as the stomach is empty. If you can stick to these simple rules then you have the best chance of your body using the thyroid meds to the best of its ability.

If your body is low in certain vitamins then the uptake of your thyroid meds can be effected. You should be asking your GP to tests your B12, VitD, ferritin and iron as is any of these are low your medication may not be working to its full effect.

Once the T4 is absorbed into the system it will then convert it into the t3 that your body needs. Some people have trouble with this conversion process and will be put on a T3/T4 combination.

Hope this helps

Moggie x


Welcome to our Forum miss_mae

I am sorry you are still unwell many years after being diagnosed. It is a pity that nowadays GP's/Endos take more notice of the TSH blood test than listen to the patient who is telling them that they are still suffering hypo symptoms - although usually they will say it is nothing to do with the thyroid and refer you elsewhere or for other tests, etc. etc. plus more medications.

If you get a copy of your latest blood test results complete with the ranges (figures in brackets) and post here members will then comment upon them.

This is a link and although some of the links within the articles may not work you still get helpful information. There are other topics at the top of the page

There has been research to say that some who take a night time dose say it is better for them and others take the morning dose. Whichever way you chose, it should be on a fasting stomach a.m. with nothing to eat for 1 hour. If you choose p.m. dosing - take it after 2 hours of eating. - both with 1 full glass of water.

There are foods which interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormone:-


I can't help much but I do know my GP told me to take my contraceptive pill in the evening and my levothyroxine in the morning. Good luck


Have you ever tried switching these around and taking your Levo at night and the pill in the morning?

Moggie x


Thank you everyone for your kind advice! I will look into getting my B12, VitD, ferritin and iron tested and see if theres anything wrong there, and I'll try taking my thyroxine at night and see if that makes any difference too, Im willing to try anything!

Also Im interested to look at the link to see what foods can interfere with thyroxine.... so much to learn...


So last night was my first night of taking the thyroxin at night instead of morning..... And I was wide awake for hours!! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm shattered today!


There are some questions in this article that might help you.


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