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Male, age 21 from Leicester - WHERE TO FIND A THYROID DOCTOR?

Please see my blood results:

Blood results

TSH: 1.82 (0.27 - 4.2)

FT3: 4.6 (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4: 15.2 (12 - 22)

Blood type:


Feel cold easy, cold hands and feet, fatigue, depression, adrenaline surges and anxiety

Ive looked up and down on this site, theres lots of information, BUT NO INFORMATION ON INTERPRET ING BLOOD RRSULTS


So please help!!!

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Welcome to our forum and thanks for your blood test results. You didn't put your thyroid history in your profile so when were you diagnosed? What dose of medication have you been given?

If you email and ask for a list of private doctors and NHS Endos (they may not prescribe dessicated but it's worth a try as they are sympathetic).

We should aim for a TSH of 1 or below or even suppressed but GP's appear unaware of this and keep patients 'within range'. It does sound from your symptoms that you are still hypo.


5ft 8, 105 kg (used to be 75kg two years ago)

B12 - 700+

Ferratin - 80

Was diagnosed with pyroluria (b5 and zinc defiency)

I try to eat mostly paleo. Take a droo of iodine everyday

Nothing makes a difference, currenty trying a parasite cleanse

Maybe candida/parasitez are stealing minerals from my food

I had MERCURY fillings from age 9 to

And i know mercury fillings pretty much damage the pituitary/hypothalamic and thyroid/. I also only use fluoride free toothpaste, as fluoride is antaganostic to our thyroids iodine etc..

Standard GPs dont seem to know jack... Id like to try desicated t3 t4, but where to find someone who can prescribe.. Its a damn joke...

But il try the link u gave, thanks¡


You didn't say if you were on thyroid gland medication, or the dose.

You can get well but it is an uphill struggle but we will try to help you.


I have never touched any form of thyroid medication.

Only mineral supplements.

I am keen to give thyroid medication a half dose trial.

My tsh has fluctuated.

Tsh at age 16:


age 18:


Age 19:


Age 21:



The problem is:

I havent been diagnosed.


Thanks. Have you ever had a thyroid antibodies test as that would be indicative of Hashimotos. There are other links on this page

This is another which may be helpful.

You are obviously trying to help yourself by taking minerals etc. Also ask your GP to do a B12 blood test, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate, just to make sure these are at a good level.


Yes tpa and tpo ab were both negative


I still haven't received the list OF thyroid doctors in ENGLAND, when will,i receive them. Can someone send me. See this is the problem Witt getting treatment no ones told me where i can see a thyroid doctor....



I can well understand how important a reply is to you and I am sorry you haven't received a reply.

Louise who is the only person in the office has been very unwell this week and was off sick. You will receive a message as soon as she returns.

Best wishes


My apologies for the delay, I hope to be back very soon.




Thank you guys

Much appreciated


Hi Forgive me for sounding ignorant but how do you know you have hypothyroidism if you haven't been tested or diagnosed.


I think, like many people who are experiencing symptoms, it is a possibility given he has treated all the other possibilities he can think of. It is possible, given that his T3 and T4 are low in range, that his thyroid is not functioning optimally. Although his tests are within range they may just not be right for him. A bit like me waking up being 5ft4 tomorrow morning - it's a perfectly respectable height within the normal range, but it's not right for me ;) Sometimes a trial of thyroid hormone is the only way to find out for sure (this sometimes relieves symptoms of other conditions such as fibromyalgia too) but I do see your point. At first it does not seem to make sense :)

Carolyn x


Yes there was someone on the nhs thyroid page, you took thyroid until her bloods were at the top end of range, she said she felt really good With her:

Ft3: 5.0

Ft4: 20

As opposed to my ft3: 4.6

And ft4:14

And I'm a 21 year old try to be active lad


Your definitely right caroline.

Ive just noticed.. If i.calibrate the bottom of the ranges so that they arr at zero. Then that means that they are quite low in range.


My Ft3: 1.5 out of 3.7 (below midrange)

Ft4: 3.2 out of 10 (below midrange)


If you get your thyroid tested every 6 months to a year you may find that your thyroid function drops. It would be a good idea to keep a record of all thyroid tests so that you can show your doctor any trends. It may be that you find a doctor who is quite sensible and realises that your thyroid is starting to fail and realises that it is better to start treatment sooner rather than later to avoid worsening of the condition.

Good luck with it :)

Carolyn x


Does anyone know a way where i can get desiccated armour thyroid or naturoid, in the uk, so i can try a short trial to see if i get any improvements?


You cannot get NDT in the UK without a prescription. It is possible to import it yourself, but this is not something encouraged by Thyroid UK.



You could start by consulting the main Thyroid UK site for information on Interpretation of Thyroid Blood tests;

then explore the rest of the site which has a lot of information on aspects of thyroid diseases. on private testing and private doctor lists are also available.


Could you please explain further about "Take a droo of iodine everyday "?

Like what sort? How much is in a drop? Why are you taking it?



Hi amangeeza I know your B12 was 700 but did you have the active B12 test or serum b12? Your symptoms do sound a lot like B12 deficiency, save for perhaps the weight gain mind you. Just a thought.


Hi i tested serum b12 from the GP


Ah well perhaps you might be interested in reading the link explaining why the serum b12 test is not paritcularly useful in detecting B12 deficiency. This is a decent site for B12 too


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