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Floridix - is it ok to take without having recent ferritin tests?

H all

Odd question I know as I am sure the answer is 'Get tested' but......

I haven't had ferritin tested for a while - I had haemoglobin etc checked in October and it was 13..8 (range 11.5 to 16.6) which I know is different from ferritin, Last time I had ferritin tested was October 2011 (so the previous year) and it was 85 (range 50-170). I was getting it tested every 2 years and it was usually between 40-85. should it be higher to help with hair loss problems etc.?

I don't want to have to keep paying for tests all the time (just paid out again for private GP appt, for saliva tests and Thyroid tests ) and my NHS gp reluctant to do tests on NHS without cast iron reasons other than - I wonder if my iron is low.

So my question is - is it ok to take Floridix just to ensure I am getting enough Iron and make sure my ferritin is a good level? Or is it really something that has to be tested before you supplement?

Much thanks


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The trouble is, excess iron is bad news.

The most likely cases are where lots of iron is consumed regularly or when the person has haemochromatosis. But not being any sort of expert, there might be other things that could cause high iron.

I guess what I am saying is that I would rather not answer with a wrong answer - but do not wish you to think your question has been ignored. And if you were low in iron then haemochromatosis seems less likely.



Floradix is such a gentle treatment taking it short term should not harm (unless previously diagnosed with the haemochromatosis helvella mentioned), by short term I mean probably 3 months or so, HOWEVER it is best to check your levels if you want to take it long term.

ps hairloss can be many other things including low b12


Thanks Helvella and NBD - wise advice as always, appreciate you taking the time to answer.

My B12 level is ok I think - I just checked last test which was October last year the result was 514 (range 187-883) so I am assuming at mid range that is ok?

I definitely don't have haemochromatosis as my ferritin levels used to be so low. When I first suspected thyroid problems 7 years ago my ferritin was 44 (range 12-210) - not great. I have got it up a bit since then but not high.

I might try Floridix short term just to see if I feel any benefit.

A but of sunshine instead of snow would help too!!


The answer is NO. Please avoid taking and supplements or herbal remedies without taking advice from medical practitioner.


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