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Been busy, now shattered

Well, there is nothing new in that!!! roflmao

I was up at 6.30AM to get my blood sample done and that is now winging its way to be tested. Will let you know what the results are as soon as I get them.

Been and took the forms in to the new GP surgery, and going to wait for the nurse to ring to book us all in for the new patient medical, as I have moved all 5 of us!!! Not just me!

Came home from nipping for a few bits, and fell asleep again lol There aint nothing new in that either!!

I am feeling that I need elastic and superglue to keep my phone attached as I keep forgetting where I put it, and maybe my purse should be done the same, as nipped for bread and milk, but had no purse to pay!!! Paid window cleaner before I left, and for some reason didnt put it back in my bag like I always do!!!

Geeeezzzzz I cant see this getting worse, oh cr@p, course it will!!! ;)

Thanks for the amazing support, it is greatly appreciated xxx

Ann xxx

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You're not the only one who cannot find things expecially when you are sure that's where you put it in the first place.


I am going demented!!! There is a list of things I have put in a safe place - and now I have no clue as to where that place is!!!

good job my head is attached!! lol


Same here, I was looking for the remote control yesterday for an hour before my boyfriend pointed out that I had been staring right at it for half the time and he thought I was joking! lol


good luck with new gp and bloods chemical, keep going you are great xx :)


Thank you, I will not give up!!!


YAY that's what I like to hear :) xxxxx


I am still forgetful too - good luck with bloods :) xx


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