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Just found out my thyroid has been 'destroyed'!

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Hi - Just found out that my thyroid is not functioning at all. Not sure how the readings work, but was told my level was over 700! and there was no reading for the hormone. Put me straight on 100micrograms of Thyroxine and a month later levels have returned to normal. I also had no cortisol so hospital next week for adrenal function tests - could be Addison's disease but Professor thinks not. I had not had any real symptons, just tired (working long hours), dry skin but nothing else.

I was told it will be 6 months before I feel 'better' but not really sure what this means; perhaps a new spring in my step?

Does anyone else have Hypothyroidism and Addisons Disease?

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First suggestion is to get your actual test results - including reference ranges.


Very difficult to know without them.

By the way, did you take your levothyroxine before your blood draw for testing?


Hi thanks for response. I was in hospital for a 72 hour fast (second time) as I have symptons of Hypoglycemia (have had this for years) and they 'happened' to look at my thyroid and cortisol levels. I was immediately put on a drip with hydrocortisol and given tablet and at the moment I am taking 10 micrograms twice a day of cortisol.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lillly-Lou-la

When you went and found that your levels have returned to normal, did you take the levothyroxine before the blood was drawn for the test?

Trying to understand where you are in terms of thyroid right now.

Hi - Yes I had taken it that morning. Had blood test about 2-3 hours later.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lillly-Lou-la

Well the importance is that any blood taken to test for thyroid hormone (thyroxine/T4) would tend to show the peak from taking your tablet - rather than your 'real' average level. Thus it could be misleading.

We usually advise NOT to take levothyroxine in the 12 hours before having blood drawn. And then take the delayed dose as soon as possible thereafter - e.g. in the hospital car park!

By the way, do you take your levothyroxine well away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines? Many, many things interfere with absorption of levothyroxine and many newcomers do not realise.

Also, I assume you take yours in the morning? Some people take theirs at bed-time. There is a poll on this site but at this instant, the page is failing! Well worth a read.

You might wish to read this link:


Yes - it is a Wiki page so confirm anything you read there - but it is a decent starter. And I think you need to do a bit of reading up.


Hi - thanks so much for all the info.

I will definately not take when I have the next blood test. Re- taking tablets, no have not really taken them as carefully as that. I will heed all the info now though. I take mine in the morning on 100m at the moment. I will have a look at the link.

I was exactly the same. Tested for Addisons, cost me though! Thankfully I not have it. X

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Lillly-Lou-la in reply to

Thanks for responding. I am praying I haven't got it. I don't really want to keep taking the steroids. I have put on weight (should have said that when I said I had no symptons) and not sure if this will increase, despite the thyroxine.

Glad you were Addison's fee.

I was the same very few symptoms and working hard but a TSH of 347 and T4 came back ? 0.3. PM me for a chat if you like.


? ..insert less than

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Lillly-Lou-la in reply to Tango2

What does T4 mean? I know TSH - suppose I will need to get the hang of the terms.

Thanks for responding

T4 is thyroxine - the range at my lab for fT4 (free thyroxine) is 12-22, so <0.03 is very low. Sounds like yours was very low too. xx

T4 is your main thyroid hormone and the one being replaced when you take levothyroxine.


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Clarebear in reply to Tango2

oops - sorry I hadn't seen your reply :D xx

Oh ok - I didn't get the readings. I am still waiting for a letter from the PIU at Kings College. Once this comes through I will know more.

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